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  1. Conspiracy Quest thoughts

    2/3 means 66,(6)% of existing empire towns and castles - not just 2 or 3 of them :grin:
  2. Noble Recruitment

    I just recruit bandit units from my prisners and upgrade them to noble tree (forest bandits - battanian fians, raiders - khuzai torgunds, etc etc) Its easy this way. Plus lately a lot more noble troops are available for simple recruitment.
  3. Turning bandits into noble troops is silly to me

    "They're definitely very high value, even if they can die about as easily. Survivability does tend to increase, however, just for the sake of how effective they are at killing what gets close."
    They do so while you - as a player - command hem. While dumb AI has them - they are not so good. They still have same weak spots as other troops, that AI lets you exploit at will.

    And I agree - those are better troops - but not to the point that would make fighting over their to low or to high availability be worth it... Plus - with no gold income exploit - I bet most players will have hard time affording them as pointed out by said players in so many topics...

    Finally - this is still a work in progress as its early access.
  4. Turning bandits into noble troops is silly to me

    Some people prefer one thing, others somehing else - however as I already stated in my previous posts solution that has been already implemented does have some grounds in real world history (sure - this wasn't as common as its in the game but as I already stated - it is a game ind some things have to be simplified).

    Finally - lets face it - those "noble" troops ain't so far better than those from normal tre and if you play on realistic dmg setting - tend to die just as common ones.
  5. Turning bandits into noble troops is silly to me

    In Bannerlord we are placed in a times just after powerful empire crumbled and was brought to its knees. Such times often resulted in many noble families loosing their wealth and power. It also often resulted in them becoming rebelious or very alike common bandits. If you were trained most of your life to fight in exchange for a comfortable life as a noble, and suddenly this is no longer an option - you might be tempted to choose other easy way to get money... History showed us such examples many times. From 16th till 18th century those situations weren't that rare as wars waged through out eastern parts of Europe...

    I agree that not all bandits were nobles, in fact most common criminal were not. But this is just a game - simplifications are unavoidable. Plus his is early access. Don't expect developers to fix everything at same time. Finally - TaleWorlds is from Turkey - so I guess they are more familiar with the specifics of easter parts of continent than western. And differences were huge in that time due to traditions and political situation...
  6. Turning bandits into noble troops is silly to me

    It's not so irrational idea as you might think. Although it was mostly after medival era - in the eastern Europe - border between noble and bandit were pretty close. Search for one of the scariest cavalry unit that ever existed - it was called Lisowczycy. Many of the soldiers serving there were of noble houses that simply lost their power and wealth and had nothing more left than a banner of their ancesters...

    Hard to say more of a heroes, bandits, soldiers, criminal or nobles... Nevertheless - they were feared like not many other cavalry units throughout history.

    PS. Might be hard to find any info about them in english.
  7. ANyone playing BL with no smithing allowed?

    Seriously? I never took vantage out of selling smithed items - I see no point in that. Game is easy enough without it. I do smith items for personal use - for example 2h maces to wound instead of kill. But I do not sell them to get ahead with money - I trade to get gold. This is "sandbox" game - so you do what you want, what gives you pleasure to play... I could use console to get gold, I could use smithing - but I don't see any fun is that so I don't.
    However I do level up smithing on one of the characters cause I want too... Just do not sell verpriced items he/she makes.
  8. AI builds too strong armies too fast?

    No - you do not. I did not execute a single enemy lord during my current ggameplay (more of an RPG fun than conquering all mission for me). I even reverted to saved files few times when enemy lords died while fighting me... And I had no problem beating up opponents during war (though because of my kingdom military strenght they just do not declare war on me and when I do - they agree to peace fast). Fast and massive unit spam is the only strnght AI got - can't take that away from them until their gamplay improves!

    Guys - just read this forum - plenty of usefull things can be find thanks to other players. I did - really made this game a lot easier for me. There are informations about game mechanics, best tips and tricks - all you need...

    But since you probably ain't gonna do that I'll make things easier for ya:
    Hire 2 or 3 mercenary clans - make 1 massive army and steam-roll.
    Need to build up your own ranks? Wait for 2 big armies to clash, stand next to them, declare war upon and wipe-out winner - you get 200+ units instantly... When your mercenries parties get low on soldiers - let them go and hire new ones with full ranks.

    Also with new rebelion mechanics - you can get towns without messing with larger nations.
  9. AI builds too strong armies too fast?

    Seriously? You guys have problems to slap AI all over? I do play on hardest settings, vanilla (no mods), don't use cheat console and see no problem doing with AI whatever I want.... Just get some mercenaries, create army and steam-roll over everything AI throws at you.
  10. AI builds too strong armies too fast?

    AI takes troops from garnizons - thats one. Two - they level up troops faster.

    However none of this matter as they can easily be steamrolled by player... After gathering 350.000 gold, hitting Tier 4 and starting my own kingdom - in 3 days I had 1000+ army...
  11. Nozoh cannot have any roles

    Bug - was present in 1.5.6 already. Rather annoying one...
  12. Challenge - post your best battle win records

    Considering how many players use cheat console, also that there are so many settings afecting diffculty of the bttles - this challange doesn't make much sense... Hard to compare vanilla game version without cheats at realistic settings with modded, plus army created from console on easiest settings. Also number of battle participants matter - the lower the number, the bigger player advantage...
  13. Is it unreal to lvl up like most of the noble NPC ?

    Yes - it's a bug, but the one I like :smile: At each gameplay I can find 1 or 2 companions like that - it is worth to look for them :smile:

    But thing you describe is different - it is not a bug but a good mechanism. When patch makes big changes to perks they are reseted on all characters so you can distribute them as you like as they work differently after new version. But in his case you only can distribute perks - not skill points or stats. And only the ones that got re-worked. So I prefer bugged companions :grin:
  14. Is it unreal to lvl up like most of the noble NPC ?

    From time to time - if you get lucky - you get companion with skill points not distributed and perks not chosen. Now that's a gem - this gameplay I got a "Falcon" -> 100 leadership, 100 tactict, 1h weapon, polearms and riding at 100+ and 16 levels of skill points to distribute at will :smile: Also all perks from the leveled skills to choose from :smile: Perfect governor in the making...
  15. Is it unreal to lvl up like most of the noble NPC ?

    I play 1.5.6 now. I got tactics on 57lvl and with party of 100+ consisting mostly of archers and horse archers I hd loses with simulation battles with around 30 looters - would never happen if battle would be played in manual mode. Also on deserters quests - in some simulations casualties are insane - over 15+ dead and 20+ wounded while played by hand - maybe 1 or 2 dead and 2-5 wounded vs same party... I can understand some more casualties in simulations but some bad rolls get so high dead and wounded ratio I think than manually you would have to play kamikadze style to get them that high - even F1 + F3 results in much lower casualties...
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