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    My is a dream coop campaign

    Ahh yes, the pleading of recruits for co-op.😉 Its been months since weve last heard theyre cries on the wind :wink:
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    Dev Blog 18/07/19

    Does anybody know whats going on? Its Monday now, and i need my Bannerlord fix  :ohdear: Do we get a new blog on thursday or 2 in one week?  :fruity: i need info, maybe we have to wait till Gamescom? :(
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    What Developer Blogs would you like to read about?

    Hey everybody,  :D As many of you also have expressed, i find the majority of the blogs a little light and not exciting at all, so i thought we should help Callum in finding topics or inspiration for the future dev blogs. :D Instead of just ranting on about "The blogs are awful", maybe you can...
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    Roads in Calradia

    I dont think and hope, that you have the same speed across all surfaces. Walking in the snow or sand should slow you down, while a plain grassland or roads should be the quickest. When they do have seasons in Calradia, they Should also implement, muddy surfaces that slow you down in Dec-Mar...
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    Roads in Calradia

    Hey everybody, Why no roads in Calradia? :ohdear: I know we have discussed this before but i couldnt find at topic for it, hence this new thread.  :wink: The map somehow looks incomplete in my eyes when there are no roads. You could have dirt roads between villages and Towns/Castles, and...
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    Geographic names

    I think this a really cool idea. And why are they not doing this in the first place. :?: Without it, it doesnt feel like a real world, where everything has a name. Calradia is an ancient continent and of course the mountains have names.  :roll:
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    Household Management

    I dont think i would want the possibility to switch between characters, it would break my immersion, and make my bond with my original character weaker, imo. Seems fair enough, going with that thought your clan would loose all renown a character has build up, when that character dies. (?)...
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    Household Management

    I think Clans in Bannerlord are a group of individual Houses rather than a family unit. Maybe you have both House renown and personal renown? It could be that when you earn renown for yourself then your house also get some renown, maybe not 100% but maybe 75% or smt. I cant remember if the...
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    Household Management

    Hey warriors, i found this screen while going through all of the playthroughs from Gamescon 2018. I dont think we have had that much information about the management of your household, thats why i found this screen interesting.  :P At the left side we can see that you need "Tier 3 to add...
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    Dev Blog 09/08/18

    Here is what we saw from one of the first playthroughs, mind you its 2 years old, and they could have changed it since then.
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    Dev Blog 21/06/18

    Love the Pics - its gonna be great to play when i get my hands on it. :party: Think we need a new gameplay video to showcase the changes from ´16 to ´18. :ohdear: :fruity: :shifty:
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    Dev Blog 12/04/18

    I have been wondering if you show the actual amount of arrows in the quiver? Its a small thing, but maybe it could be important for MP, when you know your opponent is low on arrows and you dont have to zig zag :wink: Also looking forward to a new look on the campaign map, and a confirmation on...
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    [Poll] Co-op, why it's possible and why we should have it.

    No option in poll to not have Co-op. Answered Other ways, to give my 2 cents about not wanting the feature. I know you guys wants this feature, but it sounds very complicated as Armagan has explained.
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    Elephant for Siege, Different Horse Races, Camels for fast travel around desert

    Maybe OP was thinking something along the lines of GoT, where mammoths where pulling the gate of its hinges.
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    About weapon slots

    Think i hav only seen this screenshot from the 30 minutes gameplay in 2016.