You know this game NEEDS all these changes

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1) Introduce 100% friendy fire.

2) Introduce automatic ban for frienly killers (for example, you are banned if you kill 3 friends in the same battle.

3) Introduce "bad reputation" on the player stats, based on how many friends he has killed before.

4) Remove crosshair completely.

5) Introduce a little random deviation to the possition of the left hand to prevent cheaters to place a physical dot or mark on the screen. The
trayectory of the arrow/bolt is related to the possition of the left hand, so it is impossible to "cheat", and you need a good eye.

6) Remove totally any HUD information (except the screen that shows the numer of kills).

7) Remove the circle located above the head of friendly people. You just need to recognize them visually (put more effort to differentiate every soldier in both factions visually). This way you also could try to "sneak" to get an specific place if no enemy pay atention, and that introduces an alternative way to play in the game.

8 ) Remove flags from Siege mode. The point should be just ONE clear objective that everydoby must defend/attack. More is not better in this type of game.

9) Remove or modify the yellow sand maps so that they do not kill my eyes with such brightness (and uglyness).

10) Put more effort in representing european factions (every faction is very similar in many aspects). Put more effort in creating a better Aserai faction (does not convince me how it is right now). We need warriors with the appearance of warriors.

11) Introduce weather variations, even in the same battle (rain, snow, wind). They can improve a lot the visuals and inmersion.

12) Introduce bandages when selecting your set, and if you have a bandage in your inventory you can cure yourself in the middle of the map, but with a nice animation that last 20 seconds. That is the price to restore your health, and the risk, because you need to find a nice place where enemies don't interrupt your restoration.

13) Introduce TIME variation in the same battle (of course accelerated, for example x20). Think about Assetto Corsa and you can understand what I am talking about. The same siege battle starts at 8 am and finished the day after during the night.

14) Introduce directx 12 and its benefits.

15) Introduce Ray Tracing.

16) Introduce injury if you recibe an impact with some violence (traduced on slowing down you movements, limp, lack of accuracy). You can
restore your health in an specific place of the map (kind of hospital camp).

17) Put an individual number of lives in every game (siege or not siege) so that you have to care about your live (otherwise you don't care and you may suicide without a problem).

18 ) Make anything that happen in the batte visible without HUD intrusive information that kills inmersion. To know your heath you can bleed, you can slow your movement, you can limp, etc. To know what is the objective (you don't need to know, there is only ONE objective and it is obvious). To know who is your friend/enemy, look carefuly. To know how many arrows you have left (look at your quiver).

19) Remove zoom. I really don't understand this type of cheat in this game, it is a complete immersion killer. The next thing is night vision googles an teleportation?

20) Introduce dismemberment, and that is something that you can not cure in the hospital until you die and have a new life. If you lose the arm in the battle you can not use 2 hand weapons of course, or a shield). If an arrow hit you, everybody sees the arrow in your body until you die or cure yourself. If you do not cure the arrow you start bleeding and get more and more slow and maybe you die. An arrow in your leg makes you limp. An arrow in your arm makes you only use one hand. An arrow in your chest/back makes you bleed and slow down your movements (you can not cure it). An arrow in your head kills you directly.
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