[WNL8] Congratulations & Thank Yous

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Thanks everyone who involved making this tournament this entartaining. Congratz to Unity for their well-deserved triumph. :smile:


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Many thanks to the admin team for investing so much of their time in managing this tournament, much respect.
It was really a pleasure being part of the last warband native league tournament and hope to see you all soon in bannerlord! :xf-smile:


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It was a pleasure to play this tournament alongside with these admins and this community. So many times spent in this game, was worth all the minutes! See you in Bannerlord!


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Great tourney! Enjoyed playing it. Div B was a lot of fun, only close matches.

P.S: I expected My Little Poney names tsssss

부부를 넘어서 가자

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Thanks for hosting again.
Yet again the smoothest and most enjoyable tournament.
Hope we can continue in bannerlord at some point but pretty sure we can run another season before custom servers are a thing.


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Epic journey lads , lets end this chapter with amazing memories and ride into new adventure .
Very nice tournament, Thanks to all admins, refs and players who made it such a good tournament! Looking forward to see you all in the first BNL :party:


It was so nice experience to play in Division A. Ty for brilliant tourney and badge of Best Cav :grin:


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Quality tournament, Thanks for hosting!

Well played to all Div B teams, only close matches.


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Thanks a lot for hosting, was an enjoyable tournament despite the unfortunate 2-week break, nothing we could do about it once admins and players found out. Props to admin team and specially Scar for the hard work, thank you for that and to everyone who contributed in anyway towards the tournament, players included. Congrats to all the winners, was great playing through all these years.

Let's hope that TW fixes Bannerlord combat and balance so that we can swap our competitive scene into there. The potential is there and currently pending work. Pushing some iniciative that hopefully Taleworlds looks at and reacts to here.

See you around!


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Was a super fun farewell tournament for Warband, I'm hella proud of Unity aswell as the newest FT recruits, was a blast to play with them and it was a shame that we couldn't bring home another trophy.

Thanks to everyone involved in the administration and specially Scar which as always manages to surprise me of how hard-working a guy can be (you should get that VIP badge on Bannerlord hehe)

Hope to see y'all on Skirmish :^) if they manage to fix that mess of animations they call ''combat''


My second and last WNL ? It was by far the best tournaments I ever played,in a huge part because of the great investisment of the Staff, and aswell for the community engagement. Thank you all and hope we will continue on bannerlord ! ( #RiviadivB )


I just wanna thank all the admin squad and especially ref squad @Tardet @Wardo Flake @Achaner @Midz @Kiano @Pilgrim2k11 @KaneMaB , you were awesome guys, had great time working with you. We reffed around 60% of played matches which is awesome score. Thank you guys for your time.
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