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Congratulations & Thank Yous

As tradition commands, let us start wrapping up the tournament by congratulating our winners.

Congratulations to our deserved champions Unity. You are without a doubt one of the most impactful teams in the history of the game, it seems only right that you win the last major tournament in Warband after coming so close several times. After a rough start, your will and dedication carried you to a brilliant victory in one of the hardest fought finals in the history of the scene.

Congratulations and commiserations to Frontline Tactics. You continued your excellent run in Warbands tournaments and proved to be one step ahead of most of your competitors. Even though you fell short in the end by a razer thin margin, you should be proud of your incredibly strong performances throughout the season.

And finally congratulations to Knights of Malta. Like in the last years you have once again put forward one of the strongest and most balanced teams. Thanks to your solid performances and strong teamplay throughout the tournament you managed to confirm your success from the previous season, earning you a well deserved Bronze medal.

Congratulations also to Fallen Pride, Assyrian Empire and Invictus Legion as well as Men of Borr, Kobetourage and Conquerors who finished in the top three positions in Divisions B and C respectively.​


Now, please allow me thank a couple of people who have helped make this tournament possible.

First of all, I'd like to thank the admin team for hosting the tournament with me. It was a pleasant surprise when Dyktator rejoined our team for the final season of the Warband Native League, after we had run the Nations Cup 2016 together. Thank you for your sound ideas throughout and especially for taking care of the price raffle. About Deacon there is not much that hasn't been said before at some point. After you had saved the first season of the tournament, your work over many years made the Warband Native League the most succesful tournament format in the history of the game. Your experience and council were helpful as always, thank you. Bullez, even before you joined our team you had already made a name for yourself as an administrator by hosting several successful tournaments. You immediately proved yourself to be an important asset to the team, thanks for the excellent communication and your hard work throughout the tournament! And finally, thank you to Aeronwen who deserves a special shoutout. The amount of work and effort you have put in for our community, not only this season but over the course of many years, cannot be overstated. You have an incredible work ethic and never shy away from standing up for your opinion. Our discussions were usually hard fought but always honest and constructive. Thanks for the countless hours you have dedicated to competitive Warband!

Next up, thank you to all our referees. The time you invested in overseeing matches meant players could focus on playing and enjoying the game, whilst at the same time making the lifes of the administrators a lot easier. Thank you to Achaner, Kane, Kiano, MidZ and Pilgrim. A special thanks to Tardet, Rome and Wardo who refereed more than 10 matches each!

Thank you also to our servers sponors bullez and Cheshire Cats Clan. I am repeating myself when I say that without your kind donations tournaments such as the WNL wouldn't have been possible. In particular I want to thank bullez again for his hands-on attitude when the German servers came under DDoS attacks. You ensured the tournament could go on without massive delays.

Furthermore, thank you to everyone who provided us with livestreams and recordings. Throughout all seasons of the WNL you have been our outlet to those who hadn't heard about competitive Warband before. I'm sure our scene would have been a lot smaller if you hadn't been around. Thanks to everyone at BladeCast_TV and Warband_Battlestream, thanks to Apollo, Elwaen, Fietta, huN, The_Cardboard_Box as well as their co-casters Aeronwen, Airelhach, Ciiges, Cow, Gibby, Kane, Pepper, Pilgrim, Samu and SirAlecks. Thank you also to Airelhach, Apollo, Azorekt, Fietta, Gibby, Korift and Sigmar who shared their PoV recordings with us.

Next up, there are a few more individuals that need to be thanked also. Thank you to Matt for spreading the word about the tournament on Mercenaries. Thanks a lot to jon01, who not only presented us the Top 5 Plays of the Week, but also wrote up content for social media. Thank you also to Roudrac for our new tournament branding and the player awards, your artwork is beautiful as always. Many thanks to both yami_pirate and Harman, who once again provided us with further insight into player performances thanks to their statistics. Thank you to Tardet who ran the Betting Corner and put out quality content week in and week out! Thanks a lot to Oliveran for his work on the module and the admin-by-ID-system, both were absolutely vital parts of the tournament infrastructure. Thank you also to Wüstenkrieger, who developed an admin tool for us at the start of the tournament, you are on the right path to masively reducing manual work for future administrations. Thanks to TaleWorlds for advertising the tournament on their social media and for providing us with the prizes.

Many thanks to everyone who posted suggestions and feedback. Whilst we couldn't please everyone, it was always important to hear from as many people as possible so that we could develope and improve the tournament even further. Thank you to every team, every single player that participated. I hope you all had a good last run in Warband!

Last but certainly not least, I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to someone who unfortunately left the community years ago. For some reason I can't think of, I never posted in his farewell thread. Captain Lust, nobody would've still been here if you hadn't led the way all those years back. The ENL set the standard for all tournaments to come, you paved the way for streaming in the way we know it today, you took a massive step in your personal life when you moved to Ankara to become our community manager, and you were the man behind the first LAN in the history of competitive Mount & Blade. Thank you so much for everything you have done for the scene, I wish you all the best for your future.

Let me end on a personal note. Today, at the end of Warband, we can look back on a decade of competitive play. In March 2010, nobody could have foreseen what a successful course the game and our community went on to take. Already 70,000 hours before the official release of Bannerlord, or roughly eight years ago, people started writing about the death of Warband that was soon to come. It turns out that only 14 hours before the official release of Bannerlord, the last Grand Final in Warband went into its first round. It makes me incredibly happy and proud that Warband has made it all the way from start to finish. Together, we have written ten years of history and created memories that many of us will think off fondly in the years to come. It was my honor to have played with each and everyone of you.​

All the best and stay healthy


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Player Awards

These are voted on by the administration and awarded to the players they feel had the most impact in their respective class and division. There are no prizes associated with these awards but they do confer epic bragging rights. Congratulations!​


Best Infantry Division A

Best Ranger Division A

Best Cavalry Division A


Best Infantry Division B

Best Ranger Division B

Best Cavalry Division B


Best Infantry Division C

Best Ranger Division C

Best Cavalry Division C
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Grats to all the winners! Thanks to all the admins, captains, and people I've met on warband over the years. Been a great time.

See you on Bannerlord.


Thank you for everything! I didn't play much native but I've enjoyed every part of it cuz of tournaments like this, thank you again and i hope you maybe can make wnl in bannerlord


Huge congratulations to Unity and in particular Paulo who really deserves this victory.

Congrats also to FT for their silver, and thank you for an epic Final match.

As ever many people helped out with various bits of the tourney and I wont go through them again as Scar said it all way better than I can, but thanks all :smile:

Scar has done an amazing job throughout the tournament and has been working especially hard these last few days, we are lucky to have him in the community.

Thanks everyone for playing, helping out. Although we had a lot of factors outside our control that made it difficult to take part sometimes I hope everyone enjoyed it overall.

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I already said this to Scar, thanks for the insane work you guys put into this WNL. This is without question the best admin team of any tournament. Thanks for the well-run smooth tournament.
Congrats Unity, very deserved win.
Congrats FT, was real nice playing with you all again.
And Congrats Malta for your third place medal.

See you all in Bannerlord.


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Big thanks to my fellow admins. It was a pleasure to work with you. Especially Scar and Aeronwen, who have done a ton of work. I really enjoyed the time and I am glad that I got the opportunity to help out in the most hyped Warband Tournament series.

Hope we meet us again in BL.

Apollo ?

Should just re-add the individual awards even if they are in-factual. Someone Roudrac spent time making the graphics and that at least deserves to be shown off.

Thanks for the tourney & Thanks to Bullez especially for spending his own money not only providing the initial servers but the backup servers aswell. Congrats to nose and his team for winning really deserved win. And congrats to Malta on third place. I would also like to thank all the teams who 'allowed' us to stream them even though me and my guys are toxic streamers who aren't professional coz streamlabs doesn't like the word 'syrian' xDD

Nah but seriously, there really won't be tournaments like this in bannerlord so I am really thankfull for the time invested by all admins, referees, server hosters, teams, spectators, streamers and commentators. I would like to especially thank Charlini as leader of FT he had some crazy challenges often caused by me :wink: and he commanded and organised that team like no other leader could he has my upmost respect and admiration.
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Thanks for the all the time and effort you guys put into making this community unique. For this tournament, and the numerous ones before that.

If Warband truly never died, it's because nobody managed to replicate that so particular essence that kept us active and dedicated throughout the years, and made so many players come back, for one or several competitions. I don't think we'll get something similar in Bannerlord, therefore I feel truly lucky I got the chance to witness it with my own eyes.

Take care, of you and your loved ones.
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Thanks for hosting the tournament, it was a pleasure playing. Even though Bannerlord's multiplayer is questionable, if we all contribute by providing feedback throughout EA, I'm sure that eventually we can make the competitive aspect the same if not better than Warband, even If that means creating a mod.

Love you all, see you in Bannerlord.


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Was a great time playing this tourney alongside DoF. What a great tourney to end Warband's 10 years. The best tourney with the best admin and ref team. So glad I got to meet so many great people in this game, some of who helped me through some tough times. I hope to see all of you in Bannerlord!


Thank you for this amazing last tournament for an amazing game! It was an honor reffing matches and an absolute pleasure and thrill watching so many skilled teams battle. See everyone in Bannerlord :xf-smile:
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