Will it stooop!!!!!!

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Im stuck, i got caught and the guy offered me to buy freedom with 1000, i didnt have it so i said no, and now i cant get away will i ever escape? :sad:


He's stuck in a conversation loop, I believe.  Okay, quit, enable cheats, reload, and then try and tab out of the conversation.


I guess he didn't manage to capture a boat, it's actually the same code like in native with sneaking, it should work well.
Ok ill spend a while explaining it...right, i was in a battle, which i lost, so i got imprisoned in a city, then it did what normally happens when you get captured in native, goes quikly for about a day, BUT, it kept going, some guy offered to take 1000 denars and said he would set me free if i gave him them, but i did not have 1000 denars, so the days just constantly stayed going "quick", for ever and ever...
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