Why did I got redirected to this thread here? Did I really got fooled again?

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Background informations:
The new forum of last year gave birth to a new possibility for trolling which went nearly undiscovered by most people. As you might have noticed, the forum links now contain always a number behind the thread title. This number is actually doing the whole job when you click on a forum link while the name of the thread before doesn't matter at all. All these links here can be clicked on and they all redirect to the same thread, this one here:

Since the text of the link is still getting read by many before clicking on it, this invites to abuse the mechanic a bit (watch out that an embedded link doesn't reveal the real thread!). And while I clearly opened up the thread here to have a thread at which my victims are getting lead to (feel free to use it as well, you are welcome :fruity: :lol:), this mechanic also allows you to easily dig up the past since the enumeration is appearantly done by the date of the thread: The first available thread of 2004 is number 3 and the first one in english language is number 12, with Armagan welcoming everyone to the TaleWorlds forum. If you get no result with your number the thread has been deleted at some point of time. Enjoy :party:
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