Who are these banned/muted/warned people? (Discussion thread links in OP)

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Didn't say you had, though it somewhat ironic considering the grounds upon which the author was stripped of his administrative title, though again perhaps I tread on thin ice there. All I'm saying is that to try and strongarm a community into something that doesn't really materialize online is something of a fruitless task.
Lord Brutus said:
I can say that a discussion has started amongst the moderation staff about closing this thread and the two discussion threads.  This thread was started with the hope that people could learn from the mistakes of others.  It has not worked out that way.  Consequently, we have a few of the off-topic crowd who have become self-entitled, whiny-ass crybabys.  I wish I had kept track of every post Docm30 had made that was reported but, for which, he did NOT receive a warning, because I did not believe a warning was warranted.

Fishy, I say again, he was not muted for the original post, but for insulting a moderator.  Big difference.
Did you even read what I posted here?

Edit:  You, personally, have a long way to tread before you reach the thin ice, TDM.
Almalexia said:
I did, your point? If I'm coming across as impertinent that isn't my intent, just relating things as I see them.
You come across as inquisitive.  My point was that Docm has been reported numerous times that I did not feel warranted a warning.  This time, I detected neither relevance nor humor.
Bluehawk said:
There is a moderator that occasionally tells people to kill themselves, yet his reported posts went unpunished.
I'm a moderator and apparently we don't understand how human society works but I see a difference between the two incidents.

One involves someone making a bad joke and being told "Please kill yourself." I see this one as an obvious remark to the failure of the joke.

The other is someone saying he was contemplating suicide and this being said to another person who was telling Gest not to kill himself.
Docm30 said:
Let's weigh all the pros and cons before we do something hasty like telling people not to commit suicide.

Now, in the first example. The person who was told to kill themselves seem to take it as a joke and even make funny reply to it. Oh yeah, it also takes place in the joke thread.

In the second incident, however, the person who initially said he was thinking about suicide doesn't even interact further with Docm. Now I have no idea what their personal interactions are like, but expecting the people involved to report the post for it to be considered "not okay" is silly. What was posted is hardly "innocuous" and a 15% warning saying something to the effect of "that's not funny" seems like it was inadequate in making Docm realize not everyone may know when he assumes a joke personality.

We're just trying to tell you that perhaps you shouldn't try to crack jokes when a fellow member of the community talks about contemplating suicide in the "What's on your mind today?" thread. Doesn't matter who reported it or who took offense, we just simply prefer it if no one did that joke there.

Now this, we see as non-serious banter.

Untitled. said:
Docm30 said:
There are some pretty serious design challenges that have to be overcome, technical feasibility aside.

Also, programming functional multiplayer is a lot more complicated than you're making it out to be. I've done it before and it's a pain and would be even more of a pain to mod into a game.
l'agile multiplayer confirmed
Docm30 said:
Haha, die in a fire.

I hope I have been sufficient enough in explaining at least my own point of view on this. You are, of course, free to criticize the moderation's understanding of human behaviour and interaction.

I'm going to lock this thread while we continue our internal discussion about the usefulness of this thread and the ones like this. If you have any issues involving the moderation, be it your disapproval of how we perceive human interactions or your queries regarding warnings, mutes and bans, you may contact the administration at [email protected]

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