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What's the risk for my future saved game to get broken with new patches?

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I've been playing mount&blade2 when it just came out and decided to leave it and wait for more patches and content to come out first.
I want to come back and finally start a new campaign, but I'm a bit scared to invest my time into that campaign and then some new patch will come out and break all of my progress...
How probable is it for future patches to break my save games if I start now (not using any mods)?

I'm sorry if it was already discussed elsewhere, I tried to search for any info but all I could find was a year old

Thanks (:
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The best thing to do is make an extra save (use save as)when there's a new update and leave you previous save as is, that way if a problem comes up you can always roll back to previous version and have your extra save unaffected. In general the updates don't break normal un-moedded saves, but there is always a possibility of new a bug causing a problem.

The main problem players have with updates is when they're using mods and the mods are not updated for the new update.
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