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I see. I guess I might have to put up with that kind of **** if I finally decide to get my teeth fixed. That thought has pissed me off.
Thanks Dryvus.

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Not really pissed off, just don't know what thread this would fit into.

My mother was looking at a video on her phone and laughing, and as always if something makes my mother laugh it's either the oldest joke or something a 10yo would find immature. So of course, she calls me over with her inability of reading a room as if I'm going to laugh along. It's just a guy exercising in a slightly flamboyant manner, with a clip of someone saying loudly "that's a ******" and a baby laugh track at the end. Such funnies. So all I could say before getting my coffee up again was "that's not funny to me", and that was all I needed to say to be washed over with the age-old backdown arguments of "oh it's not funny, it's just the baby laugh that is funny see?" "I'm not homophobic at all, I know people like that" "I didn't finish my social services graduation to end up a bigot". All of those sentences coming from a person who could easily be hired as a gender role enforcer if such a job existed. The same one who upon hearing a guy singing Lady Gaga walking down the street exclaimed (to herself, loud enough that I heard her in another room) she'd rather have someone be mute than a ******.

I hope those levels of hypocrisy aren't genetic.


The local dog fighters around here are getting really brazen with their dog abductions. There's a white van driving around snagging any dog they can lure into it, and anyone who turns their dogs loose in their yard had better have a good fence with a locked gate or they're likely to have it go missing. We're lucky that Great Pyrenees aren't easy to steal and that our road is gated off pretty far from our fields, but I'm still crazy nervous about it.

I need to get up some cameras, but I also need to keep back enough money for rabies shots come Spring, as well as some booster shots. At least we're just two payments away from paying off the farm, which will free up some monthly cash.


The back hills of Eastern Kentucky. The three main attractions are cock fighting, dog fighting, and meth. I can vaguely tolerate the foremost, if only because theft isn't a side effect of it.
aaaaand they finally came for vpns, without which we can't access:
occasionally twitter and facebook

:evil: :evil:
I'm hoping for a rebellion by porn-watchers if they keep banning all vpns.


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We pay our interns like £12 an hour. I don't think we understand how best to exploit young people.
What is it with me and talking to people IRL (or in the latest case, over the phone), feeling like I have to say something, not knowing what to say, and ending up saying stupid ****. Ghaa. **** me. Why must I **** up every other thing I do.
Pixel said:
did it involve a female human?
Nah, it wasn't even like that. It was just a family member. That I talk to semi-regularly. It just reminded me of how often I say the wrong thing, despite thinking for a while that I'd gotten better with my social awkwardness. :???:
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