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Hey folks,

Here's a MAJOR improvement to my previously released soundpack!

It includes:
Player Sounds (Hit, Pain, Death)
New Musket sounds (Near, medium distance, Far away)
New impact sounds for other weapons
miscellaneous changes

removed TONNES of unnecessary files, much smaller size!
New SFX for distant muskets
New Playersounds (Death, Swing-grunts)

Download the Soundpack here

Click "File" button in the top left and click download, or press Ctrl+S on the page to download!

To install:

Navigate to your "C:\yourpath\Mount & Blade With Fire and Sword\Modules\Ogniem i Mieczem" folder.

Create a backup of your "Sounds.txd"

Extract the "Sounds.txd" and "Sounds" folder to this location.

Close and play!

To Uninstall:

Delete the "sounds.txd" file and "sounds" folder from your "Ogniem i Mieczem" folder and put back the old "sounds.txd" file



Credit is due to Solecist for his exceptional work on the sounds.txt used in this pack.
Sounds good, some preview would be nice though. I'm one of those people who are quite satisfied with WFAS sounds, but I'm always up for improvement or change.
Loving some grunts coming from the soldiers when they get hurt or die. Some grunts are oddly gentlemanly and thus very appropriate. Love that you kept the old ones too.

I have mixed opinions on the gun sounds themselves, some sound beast, some sound a wee bit overemphasized.

But I do like the pack. I think I will be using it for a while. :smile:


Thanks kindly! I was trying to remain in keeping within the original vein of the game, I just got really tired of some of the same old sounds that had been around since M&B. 

I tried to keep a lot of the sounds that are unique to WFAS and eliminate more of the generic (and often poor) voice acting.
The game has such a high emphasis on muskets that I felt underwhelmed when handling most of them. They're such a powerful object in the game, I felt a little pop didn't suffice since they're quite "thoomy" in reality at times.

Is there any way you can pinpoint which ones you feel were overdone? I wouldn't object to making some changes if it improves the overall atmosphere of the pack :smile:
0:09, 0:12, 0:16, 1:53 - far too much for a wheelock puffer

The thumps feel too long and sound a lot more like a cannon firing. The echoo is simply too much. Try firing a line of these in SP or invasion, curious how a volley fire sounds.

The others are absolutely great however. :smile:
Awesome, just what I have been thinking of. Some of the overemphasized and thundering sounds I thought would be absolutely perfect for that mod, which alas uses bland (warband) sounds compared to which WFAS sounds like ear candy.

Is there a way to merge this to Warsword Conquest (personal use, of course) without sacrificing the other very essential modified sounds of that mod?



I think you could just drop it in without overwriting. You wouldn't be able to use the distant sounds, though, without overwriting your sounds.txt.
Thank you, I will do so, although to properly implement your mod would require at the very least editing the text files and probably using the mod manager.

Unlike WFAS, I think Warband uses just a single sound variation. :sad:
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