SP Musket Era WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.86a

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Mogh said:
really annoying to see my current team doing sooo badly :grin:
If I remember correctly, the ai for the faction you join is generally waiting to do what you say,
and follow you.
They will almost always lose from stupidity and inactivity unless you suggest attack targets and/or do the work yourself.
This is apparently a feature that has been in Warband since native; so the player feels like they are the key hero person or something....
SendMeSmile said:
no winged hussars at sieges
So if you have an army full of winged hussars they will not appear in sieges, or am I just stupid and don't understand it?
What is the reason for it if I understand it correctly?
The visuals are nice but the gameplay changes don't work well.

It's impossible to order units around or create formations. PMOD did that very effectively. Units also keep switching between weapons constantly during sieges. Changing mod options doesn't seem to help.

I'd like very much to play this mod with the visuals but without any gameplay changes from the original mod.
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