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Sergeant at Arms
Submod for WFaS Enhanced (standalone).
Original mod here.

List of changes.

1.) Prussian units was removed, customizable troops appear.
2.) You can train your troops and choose your elite (talk with castellan).
3.) Autoorders to fall back at close distance for marksmen/ skirmish for ranged 
    cavalry/ advance and charge for infantry and cavalry.
Not necessarily to use menu for giving order, you can select group (or all troops) and press needed key (but to change formation, you still need menu).
4.) Removed PBOD (because version for WFaS bugged and i can't cope with two bugs for now),
    but Formations/FormAI, “brace  pikes” and “volley” orders still there and works correctly. 
    And you still can save your divisions placements for future combats (with Formations mod feature).
Pike bracing troop remove pike only when attacked or order canceled.
5.) Various combat schemes for AI (FormAI, NativeAI, + two simple schemes). Lot
    of tweaks.
  - Random events for AI factions (which make them stronger).
  - Hussar lances breaking, unhorsing, falling after blow scripts.
  - Native firearms speed was returned, you can use firearms at melee again
    (AI troops prefer coldarms).
  - You can turn on better blocking option for swordsmen lords or for all (a bit
    better blocking, but option is not recommended, because will increase lags).
  - Another tweaks and bugfixes.

1.) New textures and models tweaks + some new items.
2.) Colored lightning and fog.
3.) New skyboxes with HDR support.
4.) Another HDR settings.
5.) More elements from Polished Landscapes, another terrain borders and new cosmetic tweaks.

Version 1.86. Roullete for handcrafted items (random modificator), opportunity to change commander, bodysliding for custom battles (you change body with simple troop, when die, but can't command). New mod options - you can disable annoying weekly notifications about taxes and gold usage, enable or disable muskets using for AI in close combat and another options. New fixes - hussar lance damage reduced to original, grenade damage will raise with skill, no winged hussars at sieges (but lords, NPCs and player will be in winged armors, if they have them), cap for learning enabled (but you can disable it through cheat), bandit camps now attackable by kingdom lords and another.

Quickfix - version 1.86a. Grenade using fix for troops, option to see inventory of companions, small fix for quickbattles, two new animations for castellan and guards. Save game compatible.


Submod (1.86a - latest version) - Yandex Disk
Quickfix (from 1.86 to 1.86a) - Yandex Disk
Module System (1.86a) - Yandex Disk

Original mod creators - Morgh and el_infante.
Mtarini's openBRF.

Broken_one, 16th century plate armor.
Jan Tuma's Sturmhaube helmets Pack.
Old map sheets by Obywatel.
FantasyWarrior, 1429 : la Guerre de Cent Ans (walls textures, flora objects).
Enhanced Male Faces by Iboltax (only two textures).
Polished Landscapes by gutekfiutek.
Pino's Armor Pack (mail of  Thulum Raiders).
OSP iggorbb (some helmets).
ShaunRemo Sarranid and Vaegir Helmet Replacement (turbans for Thulum Raiders).
Lav, Mandible – Emoticons.
Narf's Resources and base metal texture.
Wilk22 - Single Hussar Wing

Motomataru – Formations, Formai.
Cabardin – Orders and other.
The Mercenary  - original Spearwall kit.
Gaunt – Unhorsing, weapon break.
Dunde - Check wounded troop.
Waihti – Horse speed.
Peteo – Gusar lanza.
Somebody - Rearing knock-down action.
hacbachvothuong - Better blocking.
Fisheye – Customizable troops.
ConstantA – Rearrange inventory.
rubik - Custom Commander
Alex_NG - Permanent Camps
DrTomas - Body-sliding In Combat

Animation Variety Mod by jacobhinds
Animations from TLD team

In mod resources, but still not used: Tavern Animation Pack by Slawomir of Aaarrghh, terrain borders from TLD team

Sounds of suffer. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=157494.0
Skitarii OSP Pack. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=68925.0
Blood enhancement mod. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=143179.0
Sound and Smoke http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,169492.0.html
More metal sounds. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=51681.0
Kto Death cam & Mouse controlled death cam (thanks to kt0 & Madvader and Xenoargh).
Pre Battle Orders and Deployment from Caba'Drin. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=142816.0
Rubik for his Custom Commander: http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=111808.0
Paulgrr for his contribution to the mod. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=218605.0
Ottoman 1453 developers for giving me his permission to use their models in my mod. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=173313.0
Gabrilduro Old Frontier models. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/board,211.0.html
Frell's Khazak Armor Pack http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=199361.0
Narf Resources. http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?topic=119352.0

My textures, model tweaks and code – OSP, don’t need to ask permission. If you want to use not usual model of pikeman, you need to credit Broken_one also (part of armor). You need to give a credit for original author, if you are planning to use something else.

Note: if you don't like faster map speed, you can change it in module.ini (module folder) - "time_multiplier" string. Original speed = 0.25.

Submod contain Ru translation for Snowball version. Here is for Steam version: unofficial for WFaS, for submod
Awesome, finally more love for WFAS

Although I'm a bit worried as to why you would decide to keep PBOD pike bracing when vanilla's automatic pike bracing worked and looked perfectly.

Think I'll try this, huzzah!
YourStepDad, work of order was changed - troop bracing pike until damaged or order canceled by player (there is no order's autocancel, which was, as i remember). "Low" animations also not used, because AI troops can't target these troops correctly.
YourStepDad said:
vanilla's automatic pike bracing worked and looked perfectly.
Vanilla bracing doesn't work like PBOD order. Also, i didn't remove any vanilla features (only wagenburg as in original mod). You need to cancel starting infantry formation and pikemen will move like vanilla's pikemen).
P.S. I'm playing in this mod) and using this order - it's good way to stop charging cavalry). Also, if pike bracing troop will be damaged with active order at close combat - pike will be broken and he will switch to sword.
I just installed this patch and OMG... Nothing works. I can't even describe everything that's wrong and i dont even know why it's wrong. The game crashes just after i create a new character and klick "play" and even before that the character creating menu is just messed up.
ModestyBlaise, it is standalone submod. Copy "WFaS Enhanced Unofficial 1.80" folder to your "modules" folder and play.
So i really like the mod over all. But there is one really bad thing i noticed. When i try to order my troops to do things like "hold position" or "form rows" or "follow me" the soldiers start runing all over the place. So basically all i can do in a battle is charge. That's about the only command that works. Everything else is just wtf.
I can't repeat your problem for now, but i will try again . "Hold position" order have higher priority than other orders, so work even autoorders turned on (autoorders will work after this order). "Charge" order work, but when you start autoorders you automatically give order every period of time (to advance, to fall back or to charge), So you need to cancel it with "o" or "F10" keys. Autoorders work for one group (skirmish to cavalry, fall back for maksmen), you need to select this one group or all:

"Form rows" orders work, if you cancel additional formation first ("form ranks", for example).
But i found minor bug with addititional menu, wich appear one time, when you you start "form two rows", i'll fix it with next patch. So maybe you have additional menu (without main), when you try to giving orders? You may counter it with "esc" key.

When you start "skirmish' autoorders you automatically give orders to advance before certain distance to enemy, and then to fall back:

Note: You may turn on "advance and charge" autoorders with "k", when skirmish order is active, if you need cancel skirmish order and charge (cavarly division or all must be selected). Or cancel order with "o" and give standart "charge" order.

Working "hold position" order:
Upd. Troops stand gound without reacting with native order "fire at my command" also (this is not bug, only fire orders allowed). You also need to cancel pike bracing order before any another, if pikeman still holding pike. Volley fire order works with autoorders to fall back and advance/fall back (at certain distance - these orders for marksmen only). Problem with not disappering additional menu appears, when player give orders without any pause (0.1 sec will be enough) and additional formations need to be canceled (with f9 - no formation order) before native ones (maybe, i will do autocancel with patch). You can memorize needed formation and placement for division with order with same name (f2-submenu). This is formations mod features. And, of course, autoorders for selected division need to be canceled before any orders, except "hold position" order (division will do this order, after that will continue autoorders).
All these autoorders are confusing as hell but i think i'm geting the hang or it. Somewhat. I mostly just charge anyway. But there is one think i dont like, when my pikemen stand in formation they dont hold their pikes infront of them, they just stand there normally so cavallry can still charge right in.
You can cancel starting formation with "no formation" order (F5-submenu) and pikemen will move like native ones. After this you can save your formation with "memorize" order (F2-submenu) for future combats. Or simply use "pike bracing" order.
Pereslav is bugged like in version before 1.75. Chceck it. There should be also possibility to ride on horse in cities if character has a horse (instead of walking). Have you plan to remove squers(lines) from map?
Kielbaldo said:
Have you plan to remove squers(lines) from map?
No, it's stylisation. OSP is called "Old map sheets" and i like it.
Kielbaldo said:
Pereslav is bugged like in version before 1.75. Chceck it.
Ok. Hmm... I did, can you tell me where is bug?
There is no people walking in city, invisible barriers and player character run in place. Maybe i did sth wrong while installing mod... 
Kielbaldo said:
There is no people walking in city...
Like in Native, at other castles same.

Kielbaldo said:
...invisible barriers and player character run in place.
There are invisible barriers at some other castles and cities too, it is the end of area where main hero can walk. It is not bug, just idea of WFaS developers. Gomel and Tula, for example (editing mode):
Ur right. I checked it. What are you doing now with mod? I have got graphic artifacts on main map. I dont know if its a mod problem or i have to high resolution (2560-1440).

Maybe you shopuld copy with permision ofc what Csatádi did.  I mean way make game more historical accuracy.  Battleffields look like after nuclear strike, they are empty  You should add more trees on map and delete option to create own country(it could be good for warband and is stupid for WFaS). This are only my suggestions.

Do you have plan to add PBOD?

Great that you continue enchanced project :smile:

Cheers  Mate!
Kielbaldo said:
I have got graphic artifacts on main map.
It's not problem of mod. alt+tab often helps.

Kielbaldo said:
I mean way make game more historical accuracy. 
WFaS Enhanced is not historical mod as i see it - Bloody Sisters, Boreal Warriors, etc. It's a bit fantasy and i like it.
Kielbaldo said:
Battleffields look like after nuclear strike, they are empty. You should add more trees on map...
More trees = less fps. Amount of trees like in Native now. 

Kielbaldo said:
and delete option to create own country(it could be good for warband and is stupid for WFaS). This are only my suggestions.
I think this is strange enough suggestion for mod with full name - Enhancement Mod. Rule your own kingdom!  Your forces will look as you wish (with restrictions, of course) and you can upgrade them. I think this variant better.

Kielbaldo said:
Do you have plan to add PBOD?
Patch 1.81 (tommorow, maybe) with some fixes and i will disappear.

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