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Ademar, the elephants have to be scaled up with the horse scale to be elephant sized, if you scale them up too high then the hitboxes turn real bad.
I have no scheduled release date for this mod at this moment.

Also, because I haven't fully decided to go for mulitplayer, singleplayer, or both just yet I added a few units to singleplayer just to test them out.
Here's a preview of the thureophoroi, as ancient records and grave steles depict them as mainly being soild white, that is what I have gone with for the first shield.
After trying them, I think players will have fun with them, as they come with shield, javelins, spear, and sword they are very versatile troops.
While it might be historical for the shields to be just white, I know that players will be more interested in a wider display, so work will be done on that.

The following battle took about one to two minutes, even with me barely outnumbering the foes I didn't think it would go by so fast.
Here's a new shield for the Seleucids

And this is the battle I lost. I might have to tweak sarrisas, or should I leave them this powerful?


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Metalfist said:
Ademar said:
When 'll it be released ? 1 years ? more or less ?
Never with people like you around. Stop asking.

The question wasn't for you and after the disaster of the new version of Hegemony 268BC where after many years of waiting the mod never released, I just asked for know, I don't care if it take 3 months or 3 years.

Anyway, promising mod  :grin:


Great pics in those huge posts, Mat. Work by Shumate or that Greek guy with the unintelligble signature tends to look either awesome or ludicrous at times, though. :lol: (Also, is that one dude called 'Dioskourides'? Odd name.)

is great, the dude with the helmet is awesome. But then, based on one oft hose dbaol pictures, I had been thinking of hoplites + knights and he's already a step that way.


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Good luck Deras, it holds me interested  :razz:
Plus the screenshots are good looking, hope it will lead to a release. BTW single or multi ?
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