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Firstly I want to tell that, this mod is totally different from Native Expansion module. Both mods has different system, and features.

Mod is still in beta. It's playable for Warband 1.158+. But if you playing this mod, you should remember that, there can be too many bugs and every new version of this mod can be compatible with old save games or not. For languages, you can use Native languages for mod, but some dialogs can be changed, so if you tell me which dialog has a problem, I can give you the sentence in English, so you can fix it. I am always open your ideas, so you can reply or send private message to me and you can sure I will reply them as soon as possible.

ORG language file (which is totally English) is created by python automatically, so please don't translate it, because if you do that, it can be removed at next update. If you want to translate please create your own file, like en, tr, fr, es, it, etc...

Also you need to know this, Dark Nights module is Turkish expansion and I have never share it to another websites as a Russian or another languages, so please don't download this mod anywhere else for your security. I don't know any languages except Turkish and English. For Turkish mod page, click here.

If you want new items you can send me:
  • Your own items, animations, etc... If they are suitable for game, I can add them. (They should be BRF.)
  • If you want some new feature, like hunting, etc. you can reply this post. (If there is an OSP link or some examples about feature (like pictures, links, videos, etc.) please let me know.)

Note: This module is released Jan 2015, but still in BETA because I am working alone and everyday learning new things, and try to do my best every time, so there can be a long time between every updates. Also this module can have many bugs and if you find a bug, please let me know, and I can fix it as soon as possible.

Respect for developers/coders: This module has many OSP, most of them gives permission to use with credits, for some of them you need to get permissions. Also some of codes, is changed totally, but for respect the idea, their authors name still in the list. So when you share someone else's idea, please respect him, and ask him before sharing.
If you have a name at the list, and you don't want your code used by this module, you can reply, or send pm to me. And I can remove it.

──Change Log:─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
- The number of soldiers recruit from the village is now increasing by renown.
- The number of soldiers recruit from the town is now increasing by renown.
- The amount of money that can be invested in the tournament is increasing by renown.
- New buildings were added:
--- Headquarters
--- Barracks
--- Timber Camp
- - Iron Mine
--- Clay Pit
--- Farm
--- Fish Pool
--- Statue
--- College
- The mill building has been modified.
- New items are added:
--- Archer Bow
--- Elven Bow
--- One-Hand Battle Axe (OSP: [email protected])
--- Ornate Double axe (OSP: [email protected])
--- Nordic Double axe (OSP: [email protected])
--- Long War Axe (OSP: [email protected])
- - War Hammer (OSP: [email protected])
--- Northern War Sword (OSP: [email protected])
--- Antique Long Sword (OSP: [email protected])
--- Ancient Rune Sword (OSP: [email protected])
- Dedale taverns system was integrated and developed. (OSP: Slawomir of Aaarrghh)
- Naval battles were added and the flag issue was resolved.
- Now, you can give a gift to ladies.
- Once you meet with village elder or guild master, you can talk with them from entrance menu.
- Added new books.
- Added Reading skill.
- Reading time is change depends on reading skill.
- Booksellers are now updating automatically.
- You can ask travellers where booksellers are.
- Starting as a student increases reading ability by 2 and writing ability by 1.
- Each character gets a random book at the beginning. (Students: 2 books)
- War capabilities have been added and improved:
--- First Aid (OSP: Chelan)
--- Focus (OSP: Chelan)
--- Sprint (OSP: Chelan)
--- Rage (OSP: Chelan)
--- Horse Whistling (OSP: Chelan)
--- War Cry (OSP: Chelan)
--- Taunt (OSP: Chelan)
- Multiplayer_profile_troop_male bug has been fixed.
- The amount of money earning ​​at town arena was increased.
--- It increases depends of level and renown. (Base + level% + renown/ 10)
- Maximum number of prisoners and troops now rise by the reputation.(renown)
- Modified "Group Report" page.
- Black Knights added to the game.
--- They can spawn around any city.
--- Most can be up to 15 units on the map.
--- For archers: Elven Bow and Archer Bowden added.
--- For the Knights: Antiques Long Sword, Antique Rune Sword and Nordic Double axe was added.
- some of the old stuff was active again:
--- War Shield
--- Heat Shield
--- Kite Shield
--- Large Shield
--- Battle Shield
--- Heraldric Shield
--- Steel Shield
--- Nomad Shield
--- Broadsword
- The number of soldiers recruit from the town tawern is now increasing by renown.
--- Because of this feature, recruit volunteers from cities has been cancelled.
- The number of volunteers is now increasing by renown and the relation with the village.
--- In some cases, the problem of leave options on the menu was fixed.
- After conquering a castle and it was not given to you, you can earn more money for it. (1000 + (level x 50) + (renown / 2)) (if you have 10,000 renown and 20 levels (1000 + (20x50) + (10000/2)) = 7000 Denar
- If you don't accept to selling lord, you won't lost honor.
--- However, you will lose 1 honor if you sell him for money.
- Cattle are set to follow the people.
- You can reach your bag during the mission.
- Wine and beer can now be consumed as food (mean drink).
- The amount of food has been modified.
- Party members don't consume too much food anymore. (You know we're at war, not the party.)
- Money earned from battles has been improved.
- Added go to die camera during the war. (OSP: the madvad)
- New map icons he added. (OSP: Slawomir of Aaarrghh)
- Construction problem fixed.
- The game font has been changed.
- Lady gifting feature re-coded.
- waiting time in the city goes faster.
- waiting time in the watchtower goes faster.
- Camping wait time can be set from the camp menu.
- Added new sword (OSP: The frozenpaint)
--- Axe (Hatchet)
--- Black Axe (Black Axe)
--- Heavy Axe (Heavy Hatchet)
--- Black Mace (Black Mace)
--- barbed Mace (Spiny Mace)
--- bun (Heavy Black Mace)
--- Yataghan (Yataghan)
--- Katana
--- Long Sword (Long Sword)
--- Cutlass (Pala)
--- Silver Sword (Silver Sword)
--- War Hammer (war Hammer)
--- Elven Bow (Elven Bow - had already been replaced with this texture.)
--- Archer Bow (Archer Bow - had already been replaced with this texture)
--- Khergit Bow (Khergit Bow)
--- Wooden Bow (Wooden Bow)
- Hunting added. (OSP:smile:
--- Arena issue was resolved in hunting system. (Not given damage to animals.)
- Watch Tower crash problem has been fixed.
- Windmill and messenger icons added game.
- When you complete building watch tower, windmill or messenger post, they will place on map.
- The problem of sailing has been fixed. (Information: frozenpainter)
- Font cancelled.
- You can rest at watch tower.
- Map icon of the mill has been removed. (No activity to do.)
- Watch  tower and messenger post connected to town center.
- Lottery system was written.
- Connection with messenger post and watchtower was canceled because of leading to bugs.
- You will spawn alone when you walk around.
- If the person already has the banner, he can change it from a camp menu.
- Watch tower and messenger post was connected to the town center again.
- When you try to rest at watch tower, it check the relation between town center and you.
- In tavern women can be rented. 2 morale give each woman you hire a party. (Suggestion: profenix)
- When you buy a drink in the Tavern you pay (100+ (the number of troops * 5)) gold and gives 3 morale to your party. (Suggestion: profenix)
- Female character can not hire women to herself but she can still rent for her party.
- Women only be rented by the night. (24 hours cooldown)
- Relation with town decrease by 1 when you hire Women.
- Maze items have been added. (OSP: Albertus Magnus)
--- For the future.
--- Hammer added.
- Camel (Camel) was added. (OSP: xenoargh)
- Desert Cavalry (Desert Cavalry) was added. Spawn near Sarranid towns, maximum of 4 parties.
--- They use camels.
- Camels are selling in the Sarranid towns only.
- Some Turkish language problems have been fixed.
- Added eating food in Tavern. (Group morale +6)
--- Fees: (number of soldiers * 25)
--- Duration: (number of soldiers / 20) + 1) (maximum 10 hours.)
--- Cooldown: 12 hours
- New book skins are added and applied to the books. (OSP: Lava)
- Elephant added (OSP: Rigadoo's)
- Women's jewelry has been added. (OSP: Broken_o a)
- Desert Cavalry can now be upgraded to the Dark Knight or Dark Archer.
- New samurai clothes added. (OSP: sacredstonehead)
--- Kote
--- Kabuto
--- Yoroi
--- Suneate
- New samurai items added to secret chests in 3 town.
- When villages under attack or looted you can't use connected parties (like messengers post, watch tower).
- Fixed a problem on Character menu.
- Ulak station and warch tower is taking icon depending on the state of the village.
--- Building, becomes useless if the village under attack or looting.
--- If it's in snow terrain, it gets snowy icon. (The village is not necessarily snowy areas, it check the terrain of building.)
- Added the bandit camp.
--- Has a loot window opening problem.
- Bandit camps scene files were prepared.
- Health Regen system was established and developed. (OSP: Lumos)
--- Development:  1 + (first aid / difficulty level) health regeneration per second.
--- At hardest difficulty, it will not work.
- Difficulty added.
--- The first trial is being done on health regen.
--- second attempt on improvements.
- Religion system is written.
--- Religions are not active in the game right now, it is under development.
--- Kingdoms will automatically get random religion at the beginning of the game.
- Women rental system removed. (Not to be bothered of female members.)
- Religious belief has been added to the cities and villages menu.
- Excalibur ​​sword wass drawn.
- In the bandit camp, the error was corrected in the loot and prisoners window.
- Excalibur sword tested.
--- Successful.
- Am_hamm texture problem was resolved.
- Demolished kingdom can rise again. (OSP Rubin)
- Soldier rate indicator has been added. (OSP Rubin)
- Added see all items. (Cheating) (OSP Rubin)
- Messenger post and watch tower symbol error has been corrected.
- Desert Cavalry upgrade to be dark knight removed.
- Honor drops removed when you sell prisoner.
- The name of the mod files have been modified.
- You can go sea scenes from cheat menu.
- Modified scene files.
--- scn_sea_1 - Fixed barrier problems.
--- scn_sea_2 - Fixed barrier problems.
--- scn_sea_3 - Created, was put only ships.
--- scn_sea_4 - Fixed ship problem.
- The Dark Knight will spawn difficulty level * 8 parties. (Very easy: 0 Easy: 8 Normal: 16 Hard: 24, Very Hard: 32)
- Desert Cavalry will spawn difficulty level * 3 parties. (Very easy: 0, Easy: 3 Normal: 6 Hard: 9, Very Hard: 12)
- Troop size added. (OSP: Peltor)
--- tf_(fe)male_vshort
--- tf_(fe)male_short
--- tf_(fe)male_long
--- tf_(fe)male_vlong
--- To be used in the child system...
- - tf_(fe)male_child
--- tf_(fe)male_teen
--- tf_(fe)male_young
- Height system was added into the start menu.
- Tengirism and Nors religion added. (Idea: Kızılçeri)
- Country has fixed religions: (Idea: Kızılçeri)
--- Sarranid: Muslim
--- Khergit: Tengir
--- Rhodok: Christian
--- Vaegir: Christian
--- Swadian: Christian
--- Nord: Nors
- Reading ability changed to Literacy and Writing ability removed.
- Tengirism and Nors religions added to start menu.
- In the Module Settings, you can turn on/off black knights and desert cavalries. (Idea: n00bpanda)
- Now your relationship with the kingdom if you belive same religion increases by 10, else decreases by 25.
- Tournament prizes:
--- Maximum value: (100 + (nam / 2)) will be calculated. If he doesn't have enought gold, it will change to his gold amount.
--- So if maximum value is 200 denars (100 + (200/2)) = (100 + 100) = 200 and the person has 150 denars: the maximum value will be 150 instead of 200.
--- Other 4 options are; max/2, max/4, max/10 and max/20.
--- So while the maximum value is 200 denars, the options are 200, 100, 50, 20, 10.
--- But if you have 150 denars they will be 150, 75, 37, 15, 7.
- Religion added to Character report.
- Added option to force recruting at villages. (Idea: celik41 Module: Azgad)
--- Every day is refreshing with volunteers.
--- Forced recruit volunteers drops relationship with the village by 4.
--- The number of soldiers is between 1 and 12.
--- FIX: Refreshing problem has been fixed
--- Cheat mode was changed the values to 5 to 25.
--- FIX: If village under attack or destroyed you can't get volunteers.
- Engineer hire added.
--- FIX: A small menu bug in the Engineer hire has been fixed .
- The computer has been automatically set engineer medium level.
- Added building levels and limits.
- When you conquere the center, engineers no longer continue to working.
- Having problems with the user's engineers solved.
- Added weekly debt, instead of cutting the money enginners spent for constructions.
- If you don't have enough wood, clay or iron engineers buy them from other cities.
--- Charge are written to the weekly debt.
--- Weekly debt in the trial. (Caution)
- Automaticly start of construction of the computer was added.
--- Construction in looted villages under attack are blocked.
- A small bug on forced recruit fixed.
- Engineers directly affect constructions.
- Headquarters affect constructions.
- Difficulty affect constructions.
- Construction fee rises for every level.
--- Now automatic constructions (mean engineers) effected by this changes.
- Book writing system was added.
--- Game choose a book automatically.
--- You can write book at tavern rooms only. (For now)
- Book reading system changed.
--- There are number of pages of each book.
- Number of the book page was added to the writing system.
- You can't read a book when you camping anymore.
- The room can be hired from tavernkeeper.
- When you finish reading/writing or wake up, you will directly go to room not the town menu.
- New horses added.
--- Sanjar Horse (OSP: Buz, Module: Evlat)
--- Nordland Horse (OSP: Buz, Module: Evlat)
- New items have been added.
--- Tea (OSP: Buz, Module: Evlat)
--- Poison Arrow (OSP: Buz, Module: Evlat)
--- Nord Bow (OSP: Buz, Module: Evlat)
- Back button on religion menu fixed.
- Different musics for musicians added. (Idea: Cromcro - The Trial)
--- Test failed.
- Fixed the problem to go to your bedroom.
--- There is a problem with tavernkeeper.
- When you start writing, you will see book name.
- When you start reading, you will see book name.
- Fixed the problem with intelligence.
- Fixed the mission entry point problem.
- When you reading or writing a book, you will no longer pay for daily tax.
- The issue tavernkeeper solved.
- When your backpack is full, it won't finish book.
- When you sell the book you are reading, it had a name problem.
- Consumable items no longer gives less morale.
- Freelance added to the system.
--- Because of the bugs, it will removed.
- v0.6 has a bug on Dark Knights and Constructions.
- Fixed joining kingdom issue.
- You can continue as a defeated kingdom.
--- You can continue as a defeated kingdom if you don't have kingdom. (Fixed)
--- It gives debug. (Fixed)
--- Known error that king's vassal. (Fixed)
- Created Org language files automatically.
--- Edited process files.
- Kingdom patrols have been added.
--- Kingdom falling down, he even continued to appear on patrol.
--- Kingdom patrols removed because of bugs.
- Tag added.
--- Not added to games yet.
- Patrols added again.
- Patrols on/off feature has been added.
- Women hire on/off feature has been added.
- You can now turn on or off the module features at start menu.
--- Known problem in the menu. (Resolved)
- Lord defeated no longer be taken prisoner if you don't have prison management.
--- Known bug about you can take him if you don't have a space. (Fixed)
--- Known issue that you can't take him if you don't have a space. (I mean, you can't remove prisoners yet)
--- You can send lord prisoners directly to the castle. (Not available yet)
- Religion positive/negative effect on the game have been changed.
--- Now those who believe in the same religion +5 (was +10) those who believe in different religions -5 (was -25) relation.
- Political map of the world was added.
- Room rental option on/off added.
- City and the war missions have height system. (Idea: Dusk Voyager, Do not: frozenpaint Mode: Azgad)
- Added weapons values checked and changed.
- Resting more than room days problem fixed.

──Download Links──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
Download v0.6 (Mediafire)
Download v0.6 (NexusMods)

Note: Latest version includes every previous version's changes.
I will upload module moddb as soon as possible.


  • Sea Wars
  • One Handed War Hammer
  • Ornate Double Axe
  • Northern Double Axe
  • Long Battle Axe
  • Maul
  • Northern Sword of War
  • Ancient Long Sword
  • Ancient Rune Sword
  • Tavern animations
  • Map icons
  • Death cam
  • War Abilities
  • Hatchet
  • Black Axe
  • Heavy Hatchet
  • Black Mace
  • Spiny Mace
  • Sarranid Cutlass
  • Yataghan
  • Katana
  • Long Sword
  • Cutlass
  • Silver Sword
  • War Hammer
  • Elven Bow
  • Archer Bow
  • Khergit Bow
  • Wooden Bow
  • Helps.
  • Elephant
  • Camel
  • Books
  • Jewelery
  • Kote
  • Kabuto
  • Yoroi
  • Suneate
  • Health Regen
  • Faction rising
  • Soldier rate indicator
  • All items presentation
  • Pelt
  • Height System
  • Height System in Wars
  • Unknown Author
  • Hunting
















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This looks like an interesting and unique mod.  Good luck!  I will try it out when I get a chance.
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