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The focus of this mod is MP Battles, Sieges, DM and TDM. This is a mod our group has been developing and playing locally for quite some time.  We thought we would release it to the community.

This mod has no single player campaign component but certainly can be played by hosting your own local session and joining in.

The mod is currently posted on

General Game Additions:
200 vs 200 battles can be fought.
8 different playable factions are available. Other playable factions may be added if we get permission to use the models.
Random Time of Day and Weather can be enabled.
Drowning has been implemented.
Stray horses are removed after 30 seconds.
Random Desert, Desert Forest, Snow Forest and Forest maps are now available.
Elite units spawn for each faction.

For Battle Mode:
Adaptive battles - when "Battle" mode is chosen, the losing side gains half the amount of attackers still alive at the end of the round. For example, the server starts with each faction having 20 units each. Faction 1 wins the first round with 12 survivors. Round two starts with faction 1 having 20 units and faction 2 having 26 units. This will grow unit the limit of 200 units is reached for a faction. This feature creates balance with the various factions.
You can adjust the adaptive battle maximum team size if your system can not handle 200v200.
Teams switch sides each round.
Units will lose morale (when enabled) and run from the battlefield if their team is losing. Human player proximity to the AI Units restores morale.
All units are controllable by class using basic formation commands. Every human player will have units to command (or not).

For Siege:
A Helms Deep Siege map has been added.
All siege walk meshes have been corrected so the AIs can put up a good fight to defend the castle.
The AI can now effectively attack the castle without a human directing them.
The attacking AI will raise ladders, bust down doors, push the siege towers and capture the flag. This is a new AI pathing system that has been introduced.
The defending AI have not been altered at this time. This will be a future addition.
The AI for attackers and defenders will spawn in slowly. They will not spontaneously spawn and respawn. Defender AI spawn in more slowly as the round time decreases.
Humans will spawn in 10 seconds regardless of team.
Siege mode seems to work best with teams of 30v30 or 40v40. Fire up a session, pick a castle and watch in spectator mode to see (and appreciate) the AI pathing in action. Join in and attack or defend the castle. Some of the castles are more challenging than others. It is not perfect but we will continue to add to this.
Horses are disabled for siege mode.

For DM and TDM:
2 New Arena Maps have been added.
A map called "Concept Arena" has been added. This is an experimental map for DM and TDM. The physics are not perfect but this map introduces some interesting concepts that can be expanded upon. We may work more on this in future releases.

Sample dedicated server text files are included in the DedicatedServerFiles directory.

This BattlesMod version is for M&B Warband v1154. The BattlesMod version is v1005.
To install, extract the "BattlesMod" directory to the \mountblade warband\Modules directory.

Game play modifications - modguys
Some model corrections and re-texturing - modguys
Unit models from OSP:
Skeletons - xenoargh
Helmets - dejawolf
Barded Horses - - ZIRA textures and SPAK for the horse mesh
Armors - Narf of Picklestink
Colored Lances - Counterpoint391
Eastern Armor - Njunja
Items and Weapons - SPAK
Roman Armors - Llew
Outfits - Yamabusi
BL's_Nord Armors - dejawolf and BrustwarzenLenny
Crusader Heraldry - CounterPoint391
Other Crusader Armor - marcel
Skins - Kolba
Various Weapons - Mackie
Realistic Colors - Lucke189
The Helms Deep, Kursh and Barlocke maps came from an un-named server.  Credit goes to the creators of these maps.  The AI pathing and walk mesh was added by modguys.


Yes.  AI can raise ladders, beat down the doors, push/use the siege towers and lower the flag for victory.  We are glad you are enjoying the mod.


Our next releases will be adding more castles for siege mode.  We are evaluating castles maps that we obtained for the Mount and Blade Nexus OSP site.
If there is interest, we can look at adding more customized battle mode maps as well.


Hello modguys, sorry for my bad English. I would ask if you can post the codes and files (source code) so that AI bots can raise ladders, beat down the doors, push/use the siege towers and lower the flag for victory ??

Your mod is very cool!!  :grin:
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