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This is a mod that will have 4 factions, Vikingr, Anglo-Saxons, Normans and the Kievan Rus. Time period 1066, while the equipment that will be available will be from 6-7th to the 12th century.
The mod will be kept as historical accurate as possible. The mod will also have maps of real locations such as, Hastings,Stamford Bridge and Stiklestad.

Rath0s (Leader, Modeler, Texturer and item/troops scripts).
Ginthus (Modeler and Texturer).
Davee (Coding and Mapper)
Eirikur/Turanien (Modeler, Texturer and Mappper)
NaglFaar (Mapper)

The server is hosted on the Einherjar_server. If you wish to host it you have to ask permission.
Make sure you have version 1.134 of warband, if you do not you will have some bugs with the new features.
Turanien said:
Now, something that is quite interesting - especially to those with crashing problems.

One of our members had the repeated problem of crashing in the mod (and also in Native from time to time), especially on map rotation. Tonight, we asked him to uninstall Warband and install it fresh using the 1.134 client, as opposed to patching to 1.134. The result? He didn't crash after that... If you have serious problems with the mod, I would advocate a complete install of Warband using the 1.134 client.
Official Servers. (Servers with permission to host)
Einherjar_Server (EU)
Ballion_War_Room (US)
The_Citadel_Vikingr (US)
CN_Vikingr (Chinese)
CN_snale_Vikingr (Chinese)

M&B Repository Dwonload
Mirror 1
Mirror 2

Raid game mode. The attackers has to bring torches and burn target houses and pick up the loot.
Longboat battle, where 2 ships meet to fight.
Lots of new equipment.
Beautiful maps and sounds that will get you into the right atmosphere.
Troop limiter, to get rid of archer and cav spam, keeping it balanced.
Removed the aiming reticle, so you have to make a real effort when shooting, you will also have fewer arrows, but they deal good damage.
Decapitation, you will be able to chop off heads!
Banner that heal and motivate you teammates.
Horns that you can blow by pressing "H".
You can crouch by pressing "C".
You can taunt by pressing "Q" and for shield bash taunting by pressing the block button + "Q".

- Lots of thanks to all members of the Einherjar and Shieldings for the great support and for tesiting over and over.
- dejawolf (Vikingr Model Pack)
- Cifre (New animations)
- gutekfiutek (Polished Landscapes)
- Aeon (Sound Round-ing)
- James (Vikingr Standard Model)
- Narf of Picklestink (Rus Armour)
- faradon (Norman Helmets)
- Slawomir of Aaargh (Horn animation & horn model)
- GetAssista, Yoshiboy, Lumos, Tempered (Assisting NaglFaar with the drowning script)
- begemot (Beserker outfit)
- WEe, Highlander (Assiting Eiríkur with the crouching script)
- Jerkuh (Class-limit system)
- Comingwinter, Gule and Folthrik (Maps)
- Yamabusi (For the priest/monk outfit)
- Jur/Broken shield (For the ice models)
- Kuauik (For the norman mail coif model)



Horrah! Victory or Valhalla! The Einherjar_Server will be running the mod from now on.

To experience the background 'music' ambient sounds, be sure to load up the mod, increase the music slider, then exit and reload the mod again. It is an internal bug with Native Warband whereby it does not load modded music files straight away.



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Looks awesome, downloading it at the moment to give it a try! Is the Einherjer server up? :grin:


Phyrex said:
Looks awesome, downloading it at the moment to give it a try! Is the Einherjer server up? :grin:
It is indeed! It will only ever be down during Wednesday and Saturday evenings for two hours (roughly) when we commence Native training.  :smile:


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I really have been meaning to compliment before, so awesome work guys.  :grin:  And being an artist myself, I'm extra-stunned by how great you managed with the new equipment-models, and especially the land-scapes. I really love the gray and grim northern atmosphere you've put in them.  :cool:

I shall now take off and bring ruination to the new players appearing on the server.  :twisted:

Fox beard!!!


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I played it for few moments but HEY IT'S AWESOME!

You made a great job there, everything looks and sounds just great!! I have been visiting the most of northern countries on my past holidays, Sweden, Denmark and Finland... (i know Norway is missing! :grin:) and hey... i feel like being there again!

I'm spreading the voice about this great mod through the italian community!

Obi Juan Kenobi

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I tried it with Bots and it's already awesome!

Armours are great guys, especially the Rus ones but i can't see your server....


Obi Juan Kenobi said:
I tried it with Bots and it's already awesome!

Armours are great guys, especially the Rus ones but i can't see your server....

We have 40 people on the server now. Search by module or by name; Einherjar_Server.

Obi Juan Kenobi

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Yep... i don't know why. Maybe because of my type of connection.

(Bows are really enjoyable now)


I see only PL server with Vikingr mod... i think it's another issue of this service. Never mind.