Viking Conquest 2.060

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Viking Conquest 2.060 is live! If you have the game on Steam then you should receive the update automatically, otherwise, you can access the installer over on the website download page. Unfortunately, there has been a slight delay with sending the update to other platforms, but we are working to fix this as soon as possible. Server admins can access the updated server files on our website by following the link: Viking Conquest Reforged Edition

- Scaled all scaleable models back up, using natural variances and probabilities, and lop off those too tall to work right with ragdolls
- Updated multiplayer server files


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...Dwarf woman bug seems be solved but sadly all servers are outdated now and that let's multi unplayable ATM...:sad:


Is the auto-update going to be rolled out to GoG? I hope so because the manual installer does not find my GoG M&B WB installation.
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