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Please post any bugs you may find while playing this mod right here.

Known Bugs and Problems
More will be added if you find anything or if I forgot anything

  • The Russians are over-powered
  • The bayonets have weapo reach 0
  • The light flintlock bayonets are slower than the regular flintlocks
  • Strange crashes (maybe have something with the graphical enchansments to do)
  • Some swedish troops are called Prussians[/i]
  • Some lords use matchlock muskets[/i]
  • The Infantry is called "Infantrie"[/i]
  • The Finnish Marksmen misses an "I"[/i]

This is a bug fix that Venitius made. Check it out!
Here's a little text-fix if you want to fix the bug where the infantry with the "Flintlock Musket Bayonet", instead of drawing it as a melee weapon, fire it instead and use their fists as weapons.

Replace itm_flintlock_musket with this:

 itm_flintlock_musket Flintlock_Musket_Bayonet Flintlock_Musket_Bayonet 1  flintlock 0  341934084 3100622790328576 230 417854 4.500000 100 0 0 0 0 0 95 0 115 0 331 0 


Some troops called "whatever infantry" are called "whatever infantrie"

Module is called "Realm of Reveloution" instead of "Realm of Revolution"

Officers wear packs?


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Yep. It stops crashing for me when I uninstalled the Graphical Enhancement.

But then, after I uninstalled it, look what happened:



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bjorne. said:
strange... well atleast it's snowy :grin:

I love trying to figure out what it reads.

But damn, I accidentally surrendered my whole army of 135 British Soldiers to the Enemy because I tried to guess out some text.
the uniforms dont fit wery well, the neck is sticking out the back of the collar, also it seems that some uniforms have buttons while others are all smudgy and u cna't see any details.


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well that is because stupid me made the re-texturing of the uniforms in bitmaps. So you need to have the texture quality at 100%


Oh yeah, I'm experiencing Bio-hazard style cross-hairs when I zoom in with a rifle... I'm assuming this isn't supposed to happen...


Oh, one more thing. The the black watch,whom I assume are scots men are wearing their kilts a tad too low...
I can see their arses in battle and its quite a sight when you have a whole army of scotsmen showing their bloody arses to the enemy... ROFL.

Screens Coming soon...


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Yes I know. But I had to get the beta out some day... So I skipped that. But I will fix that. With making the kilt abit bigger so their asses fit and the same with their knees.


I've had a few CTD, but nothing major. A few of the items in the shop have names like "French Infantry Uniform32"; I presume that was just left in while you working re-working them.



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well it's just a beta. And yes I named them differently for once cause I was looking for a uniform that was mesed up.
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