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There i was walking through the Empire Lands, saw a fighting of a Empire Lord against an Noldor Patrol, 40 vs 100, the Noldors kicked the Empire Lord ass, so i picked a fight with the Noldor, having 17 strong noldors to fight.

I Instantly tell everyone to charge, no point in try to win the noldor´s by ranged, my cavalry arrives, in 3 or 5 minutes just was left around 5 or 6 noldors, my fodder infantry arrive.....Then the horror starts...TO THEM!

A Noldor get hit in the face from a flying throwing axe, immediately killed, a noldor warrior get´s ganged by 3 vanskerrie´s raiders, they immediately kill him, and so it continues, none of my Vanskerries die, just the petty noldors.

Why are the Vanskerries so unused by players? I mean, the warriors have almost 8 power strike and decent armor, and you can make them very easily ( And i mean, VERY easily ), they are cheap and can take large amount of troops with them!

Later seeing that, i imagine making an army composed of Vanskerry warrior´s, Ravenstern archers and Hero Adventures ( and Rogue Knights ) as cavalry, kicking both Noldor and human lordly asses.
They're some of my favorite units in the game, I always get them when I can. The axes can catch you by surprise for sure. They have nice stats and aren't too costly.

PS - In bulk they are pretty bad though. They're a unit to mix with a lot of other types, every time I have like 50-100 of them they deal some damage but get slaughtered. Against higher tier units only their axe throwing really does a lot later in the game.
Vanskerries are really awesome - if you can get them in numbers. I usually have a dozen of them around somewhere because those big axes are just scary.
A pity you can´t get jarls easily, but well, those great big huge axes still mince meat.
I enjoy recruiting Vanskerry prisoners early on, they are indeed pretty awesome. I prefer faction troops later on due to my ability to easily field hundreds of them and dump them off in garrisons or allied lords. Especially when I have Ethos with it's 6 villages.

Don't get me wrong: Vanskerry troops are still good later on. It's just annoying to have an excessive amount of troop types in my party.
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