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Just a quick thought about the value of visiting town scenes. I know, it might be discussed already, but it's just a quick thought of mine as I started a new try with 1.5.10. Entering towns and taverns can already be a benefit if you're looking for trade deals by talking to people. Especialy in the early game. Why not giving an extra bonus if you trade at the market compared with using the trade screen. Or add a bargain option if you trade direktly at the market. You wouldn't have to use it, but it would give you a reason to visit the city. (I could say some more things about visiting cities - like "Please make it sound like a maket in turkey and not like a graveyard in rome" but I won't. I'm just going back to 1.5.10 to have a look at what's changed since 1.5.8 :smile: )
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