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1) the movement speed of the armies.
large armies move very fast. especially in the middle ages, a real army cannot move that fast. the army’s food needs and the transportation of these foods are difficult. also, the soldiers should get tired and need to rest. but now the armies in the game are moving without stopping. so there is a constant siege-fight progression. the movement speeds of the armies should be reduced, after a certain period of progress, the soldiers should get tired and camp and rest. if the player does not do this, the soldiers in the unit should be injured or die. also, during wartime, the soldiers’ wages should be 2x. this way, there will be fewer wars.

2) abandoning captured settlements.
a siege is made and the city is captured. the army leaves the city with a maximum of 100 soldiers to siege another settlement without “resting” again. therefore, due to low garrison, the city is either lost by rebellion or by another army’s siege. as a result, a siege made in vain emerges. what should happen is that the army stays in the city for a while, enlarges the garrison, rests and protects the city before moving again.

3) no planning after declaring war.
wars are all about gathering armies. what should happen is to make a war plan first. these are;

-Storing food
-the armies to be established should proceed with a strategy (while one army advances to x city, another army advances to y city or while one army sieges x city, another army loots all enemy villages etc.)
-strengthening the garrisons of cities
-There should be a marshal system in Warband. one or a few armies should be appointed as maraşel by voting and other lords should not form armies according to their own wishes. this way, the number of armies will also decrease.

4) Kingdoms looting their own villages
this kills realism. looting villages that belong to your own nation even though they are newly lost city and its villages is nonsense.

5) kingdom lords only recruiting soldiers from their own nation
for example, a vlandia baron should only take soldiers from vlandia soldier tree to his army. this way, more realistic armies will emerge.

note: sorry for the bad english.
Sounds good, but unfortunately matey.... There's this thing called (forgive me for uttering the name) - consoles. And they aren't smart enough for real politics or strategy, or anything else that'd make a good Mount&Blade game.

Kingdoms looting their own villages
LMAO is this really happening?
4) Kingdoms looting their own villages
this kills realism. looting villages that belong to your own nation even though they are newly lost city and its villages is nonsense.
The goal here is to reduce the town/castles food input. But there should be a friendly option. A blockade or lockdown.
Me i am against the raiding function. Kingdom armies or parties should not have this option. Bandit´s, minor clans and desserters should do this.
Wars, battles, sieges, and conquests are all too fast and of little to no consequence.

Raiding and protecting baggage trains on armies would be an excellent addition to making an army actually feel like...an army.
War targets should be part of declaring a war.
Lords from other factions recruiting all over the world is silly, and contributes the inconsequential feelings of battles. Would also be nice if minor factions had more of their own unique troops instead of being mostly random faction recruits.
agreed; think that they'd benefit from firstly: redesigning the world map, or at the very least rescaling it so that there are greater distances between settlements; (it should take at least be a month or two of travel even if you're going from one side of the map to the other; the 4 month year distorts the time perception aspect and makes everything seem to happen far faster, so scaling the world up to a 12 month year might be beneficial; I'm not sure if this is technically possible however or if it would be worth the effort that might be expended).

secondly they need to make travel simply more interesting; add seasonal effects; where mountain passes are impassible in winter due to snow/ice, where rivers are fordable (though this should vary by time of year); where roads are sometimes impassible due to rain turning the fields and roads into mud.

Wagons and carts in general might be beneficial to see;

Boats should have to deal with weather, storms, and navigation hazards and errors; the lack of compasses as a real problem.

Roads in general need to be a bigger thing, along with patrols between towns and cities; idk I don't know enough about bannerlord's engine to really make any statements about what is/isn't technically feasible but it seems that there's a lot left on the table.
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