This is my "Dream Bannerlord" features. Hopefully developers can have a look & take few ideas from it. haha

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Im not sure am I asking for too much, but here's what I hope it can achieve.

1. Defense:
city/castle should have layers of defense. the wall, inner wall & the keep. AI auto deployment just like in the game now, but once besieger overruns first defense, AI auto set inner wall defense. (defender should have upper hand in siege battle) game in current state is too easy to win siege battle as a besieger

2. More activities in city/village scene.
In the keep:
- Able to organize a feast (can invite nobles)
-drink/eat/dance & drunk animation <= rockstar feature in gta & rdr2 ?
-organize a friendly match duel (i can sit on the throne to watch a duel while holding a wine) or duel for marry my daughter
-call in & interrogate prisoner (convince prisoner to join my kingdom)
-change cloths in my master bedroom
-sleep to gain hp faster. (game time turn to next day) (increase chance to have a battle to defend my castle)
-more interaction with spouse & child

-gambling site (casino, betting chicken fight at the road side)
-prostitution (if games are allowed) male character only
-Quest within the city/village (reasons to visit those beautiful scene) hopefully quest wont be too repetitive.
-Hunting outside the walls (could be part of the quest)
-catching wild horses (might find rare horse)
-buy fruits in the market & eat while walking around
-incident like thieves stealing money (based on city security rating)
-beggars (based on prosperity rating)
-crowds in the market (based on prosperity rating)
-help rebuild village animation (its already in game, i saw it. but if it really helps rebuild, not just animation)

-drink, eat, dance. drunk
-Music band, pays & play music (different culture has different type of musical instrument with different music)
-bar fight
-listen to jokes (if npc has voice) or rumors about other factions/lord/nobles

3. Battles:
-All AI lords should have different type of battle styles/strategy based on their traits & culture. & they will always try to form their own style of army after releasing from prison.
-Weapon Skills should also have the effect of improvement of fighting skills, not just wielding speed & damage.
-Spears are to weak in shield wall formation (keep blocked by allies) should have left & right hit animation (to push opponent away for keeping distance) should be able to brace spears to create spear wall
-Apply fear in horses (lose control) because Camel should have the ability to making horses lose control (horses are afraid of camels) or facing a shield wall braced with spears
-armor should be more realistic (heavy armor may have chance to parry some attacks)

4. Diplomacy:
-Spy (can burn enemy's granary, making city unrest, wound/kill the nobles) AI can target against other AI & player too
-trade policy (prevent caravan goes into enemy's hearts of land) only travel places with trade policy)
-Send letter
-Blackmail (if player has their vip as prisoner)

5. Worldmap:
-Rising new clan (to keeping numbers of nobles/lords healthy)
-Port/Dock does something. (able to build ships to travel or trade, doesn't need to apply naval battle)
-Able to assign companion to defend certain area.
-able to set an ambush
-looting a high prosperity settlement/village should have higher reward
-vengeance (AI will take revenge if anyone burn their village, siege their town, kill their members)

Well, thats about it i guess. Probably more than 80% above the developer won't be applying to the game but its just feels good to fantasize a dream game.
Creative Assembly Med 2 Total War had multiple level defense of castles. And the AI soldiers would retreat to inner walls once an outer wall was breached.


I would like to be able to do more with prisoners - like the usual range of conversation - ransom, trade/barter, bribing them to join your faction or hiring them as a mercenary.

Otherwise I'm not fussed about most of this list. Once you're at war there's just no time to deal with micro stuff.


yea, i wrote all these ideas because i saw many people talking about those beautiful scenery in City & Village has no reason to walk around. So some of the ideas above might can attract players to visit all the places.
Someone just finished a run of RDR2 I think. Although a cut scene where the player character stomps around drunkenly yelling “Caladoooooooooooog” would be welcome.


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While some of these ideas are fine, some are far beyond the scope/talent of this studio. Ffs it's been almost a 1.5 years and we can't even get siege ai and pathing fixed and you want TW to do all this? The game wouldn't be finished for another 20 years, if we're lucky.

Someone just finished a run of RDR2 I think. Although a cut scene where the player character stomps around drunkenly yelling “Caladoooooooooooog” would be welcome.
Ok this I'd be good with. :iamamoron:


Good ideas, but who knows if any of these would be in game, once again I always say this, just rely on mods to do these.
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