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Reposting this because i put it in general discussion, not sure if its seen. But it would make a huge difference since its very odd to pretend that writing doesn't exist and it addresses something really tedious in the game that gets in the way of good gameplay/the core of the game(fighting battles)

I don't know what the policy of this game is re mods & achievements(don't use mods) but this game's combat and basic formula is great. There was a huge amount of work done on the game and it shows. The problem is sometimes just very small details get left out and get in the way of that formula. One of those things is contacting other lords and mercenaries. It makes sense that you'd need to speak to the leader of a clan or mercenary company on whether they'd like to join your faction, but not that you'd have to personally track them down for a two minute chat on whether they'd like to join you that might span 100s of Kilometers in distance. It becomes insanely tedious considering they usually move faster than you do due to party size etc.

A "Send a message" service with a certain amount of time/cost based on distance or something before you get a 'popup' for a conversation would do wonders for singleplayer. In warband, prospective vassals would join your faction and sit in your castle. This game doesn't do that, and i've got a faction(not mine, another one, Northern Empire) that literally has zero fiefs but i have to personally find their members on the map to see whether they'd defect to mine. It just doesn't make sense and it becomes really tedious when i'd much rather be playing the core of the game - leading armies, fighting battles, recruiting troops, expanding or defending. Having to speak to a SPECIFIC member of that clan makes this problem way worse, since i can't just find any member, it has to the be the leader.

If feasts are ever implemented, this could also be extended to invite lords outside of your faction to your feasts. I get that there was a great deal added to bannerlord beyond just a barebones medieval battle simulator, but this is one of those small things that solves way more problems than it creates.
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Could just have a message delivery system "post office" in cities which you pay for and a messenger with guards would set off to deliver you message. I would take time but you could do other things wile you wait.
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