MP Musket Era Theodaric's Spanish Skins II: Electric Boogaloo

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Theodaric's Napoleonic National Units Mod!

(War of the 4th Coalition 1807.)

Compatible with regular NW Servers.

•Featuring realistic, historically accurate skins from the Napoleonic period, for the nations of: Naples, Spain, Portugal, Poland, Bavaria, Holland and Sweden, all within the French Faction.
•Changing of the French faction to a mixture of other national units, with some French units still present.
•Minor British unit changes .e.g.: 95th Rifles are now Austrian Air Rifle Jaegers and Sailors now have the undress jacket.
•Complete overhaul of the sailors, giving them historically correct regulation undress uniforms.

This mod is now very much outdated for the current version of Napoleonic Wars, the resources may be salvaged for use in other mods, if desired, however I cannot say that I am overlly proud of everything in the mod. Please send any queries to my Steam account Don Teodoro de Carvajal y Rojas, the mod below is an up-to-date mod, however not necessarily of the exact same subject matter.
I think you will have better luck posting this here, on the actual NW forum:

Nice units by the way.
Theodaric's Spanish Skins latest update:

Theodaric's Spanish Skins II: Electric Boogaloo

The units included within the skin pack are as follows:
  • 45e Replaced with the Regimiento de Córdoba
  • 84e Replaced with the Regimiento Suizo de Yann
  • Vistula Replaced with the Real Regimiento de Guardias Españoles
  • 2e Hussards Replaced with the Húsares de Maria Luísa
  • Empress Dragoons Replaced with the Regimiento de Carabineros Reales
  • L'Artillerie Replaced with the Real Cuerpo de Artillería
  • 24e Replaced with the 3a Regimiento de Infantería de Marina
  • Crew of the Intrepide Replaced with the Crew of the Príncipe de Asturias
  • French Ship Captain Replaced with Almirante Don Federico Carlos Gravina
Images are available at the download link below.

Theodaric's Spanish Skins II: Electric Boogaloo Download Links:
Summer Uniforms:
Winter Edition:

P.S.: I haven't posted here in ages, I haven't been making many skin packs lately, only small commissions and stuff for friends. I chose to post this here, because I thought it pertinent to not open another thread for it, considering it is essentially an update of the same skin packs, but usable for the latest versions of Napoleonic Wars. Feel free to message me for commissions on my Steam account, but I won't be overly active on the forums. My Steam account at present is called: Don Teodoro de Carvajal y Rojas.
I have finally unlocked my old account (this one), all queries regarding the mod should now go to this account, or my Steam account (Don Teodoro de Carvajal y Rojas). Thank you very much to those that still keep an eye on my work, your interest is very much appreciated. I hope to return to the modding scene properly for Bannerlord; I've gained a lot of new skills since my days helping with War of 1812, hopefully these translate somewhat over to the new game.

- Theodaric (Now going by Don Teododo more frequently).
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