the mod is dead or alive?

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Haven´t seen update of this mode anywhere on the internet for years.
And the possible leader of the project - The Ulrich von Liechtenstein - was not been online on forum since january 2015.
Nobody even speaks about this mod anywhere.

So unfortunetaly.... this comes to the conclusion that the mod is DEAD.

I´m very sad because in my opinion ...this was THE best mod i ever played in Mount and blade ...and it had a very good potential to become worlds known best late medieval mod for the game.
The appereance of knights in plate armor changed the gameplay drasticaly.....
And other new features i liked - namely some animations like half-swording took my breath.

If there is still in the world some capable modder team ...they should look into it ....and make a rework or at least another continuation
This period deserves it!!! :smile:


Does anybody know if the resources for this mod are OSP? I have seen them in some other mods and I have always wondered. Yes I agree that this had the potential to be one of the best mods for warband.


Love this mod. For my taste the best on the topic of the middle Ages. As for me, it's even better than Brytenwalda. Kramola, but for me it is an indisputable fact. I myself only Knights the last battle-play (mostly because the Rus 13th century on the pirates can't install)
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