The last achievement in steam doesnt pop up .

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Hello !
Went so , that i did everything in game and got 49/50 achievements, took 200 hours , last one "better serve cold" doesnt pop up already for 580(full time 780 h.) hours of game play . I did everything : started new game 30 times , with every faction , my clanmates ( brothers , sisters , companions , wifes , husbands , kids ) were killed by enemy lords , armies , via siege where we were defending , where we were attacking ofcourse after that i executed all enemy lords ,even myself were executed by enemy lord and after i took control of my brother as a new clanleader and executed that lord , no achievement . (no cheats , campaing , no mods , tryed with born and death mod and without it , were doing before main quest , were doing after main quest ) What i am doing wrong ???? Why i am asking here , cuz no info at all , the same post at steam posted 3 times , no answers , no clues at all . (probably 0.1 % of people got it thru steam achievement unblocker . )
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