INT Other Open The Calradic Campaign comes roaring into Bannerlord with the Battle of Pendraic event!

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The Empire has had enough.

When the Battanians began posturing against Garios' legions, the emperor wrote it off as feral ravings typical of the barbaric clans. When the Sturgians saw fit to enter an alliance with the aforementioned, a punitive campaign became inevitable, but still otherwise unnoteworthy.

Everything changed with the Vlandians.

Wanting less imperial blood spilt, Neretzes sent a messenger calling Derthert and the Vlandians to arms against the northern threat. Unknown to the emperor, Derthert received crippling pushback from his barons, who refused the calling of the banners. When the empire did not receive a timely response, Neretzes sent another messenger, this time bringing demands instead of requests. Accusing the Vlandians of cowardice and dishonesty, Derthert had no choice but to side with his barons, joining what would become known as the Northern Coalition alongside the Battanians and Sturgians.

This grave insult enraged Emperor Neretzes, raising his legions and personally leading them against the Battanian clans. Having secured support from elements of the Aserai and Khuzaits, and with the legendary General Garios Comnos leading the vanguard, the emperor is fully confident in his legions' ability to humble the barbarians and traitors alike.

In Meta Terms​

Welcome to the prologue event of the Bannerlord Calradic Campaign! This first event will recreate the legendary battle between the northern coalition and the imperial alliance that set into motion the events of Bannerlord's story.

Unfamiliar with the Calradic Campaign? Have no fear! The Calradic Campaign is a casual, player driven, story based event. There are no strict rules or signups, and players of all skill levels often come! If you've never tried multiplayer, now is your best chance to experience large scale battles without the overly strict practices typically found in line battle style events.

Victories in our flagship monthly events are represented on the overall campaign map, while roleplay surrounding the events and their consequences takes place both during said events and on the community Discord. Joining the Discord allows you to communicate with your fellow faction members, trash talk others, and rise through the ranks to one day become lord of a village, castle, city, or if you're particularly successful, an entire kingdom!

To join the event, you will need our Calradic Campaign Module. This allows the server to go beyond the 120 player cap alongside other stability fixes. In the future, this may even expand to allow us more advanced game modes and sieges!

Make sure the Dedicated Custom Server Helper is disabled in your multiplayer launcher, and that the CC Module is enabled!

Note to clans: While the Calradic Campaign is a public event to all, clans will not be allowed to organize their own formations and must spread out between teams. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in suspension from the event.

Server Info​

Calradic Campaign Map

Community Discord

It is highly recommended you join our community Discord, as half the fun of the persistent campaign takes place outside of events. Meet fellow Mount and Blade fans, find new friends to queue with, and make fun of Battanians together in our community of 25,000+.

Leave any questions below!


Since some people have been running into issues, make sure your launcher matches this one!

Calradic Campaign needs to be the only mod active! If you have previously installed other MP mods manually, you may need to verify your game files to properly remove the conflicting files.
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