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So few teams made it to 50+ Well done to those that did! Thanks for the stats Osiris, another opportunity for nostalgia!


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Sick job Osiris, tons of work

Btw, to not consider the first and only TW lan a major despite being ran poorly on a bad format with bad decisions leaving aside tons of players aswell due poor manegement is overkill. All of it doesn't take away that it was still a Major and should be considered by this list and all others.
I just look at this amazing work and a huge effort. Thanks to everyone involved to create this. I really felt the nostalgia.


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Well done, mate. Early competitive was indeed ours, good times. But we're back for Bannerlord with our old age, hopefully just as good, haha.


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Glad you like it. I'm currently reworking each page to fix the BBcode that was broken during the forum update, obviously will take some time.


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Completely overhauled the presentation, refined most of the tournament summaries, added the last two tournaments and a list of the, in my opinion, five greatest matches of all time.
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