Text with id str_troop_type_name doesn't exist!

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Hello everyone

there is a big bad bug we and my mates are suffering and thus, with all 3 versions of the game translation. We have up to date games, and we all play through steam.

Thanks to have a look at this problem and resolve it as fast as possible.

This just means they haven't given the other formation groups beyond Cavalry, Horse Archers, Infantry and Archers an actual name in their respective XML files.

Just a minor oversight.


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My favorite are the throwing axes with a damage type of "invalid". So now we have pierce, cut, blunt and invalid.

It should be heavy infantry. How comes we never managed to see it before ?
As I mentioned before, it just seems that the actual files for these group types haven't had their in-game reference name localized yet, which is why you're seeing it come up that way.
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