tEatRC: Struggle for Bermia - improved version, new features


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Silver Wolf said:
Vingry said:
So, is this tEatRC a mod for Mount and Blade vanilla, or Warband? I mean, this post is located at the Cartographer's Guild specially made for Mount&Blade, and discovering that the mod is also said to be for Warband made me hoping that this mod was once intended as a Mount and Blade vanilla mod, since it'd be really sad if all the cool screenshots are actually only available for users who own Mount and Blade Warband. Thank you.
The current version is being developed for Warband.

If I remember correctly, you should still be able to find M&B 1.011 version of the mod somewhere...
Actually, I may have it on my hard drive if it's no longer available.
I see, thanks! And what you mean by somewhere is somewhere not from this forum?

EDIT: I think I've just found the mod through a little search. Thanks a lot for the help!