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(the Nexus will be updated regularly, savegame compatible patch to 1.495 available there)

This mod is based on the mod The Eagle and the Radiant Cross (wich has its own sub-board in the cartographers' guild), but is set on another continent, with new factions, troop, items, and basically a whole new feeling, which tries to be less cartoony and more plausible, if that's even a word that can be applied to a WB mod.

Essentially, it's now a mod of its own.

The factions in this mod are inspired to the Renaissance and late medieval states of Italy, during the so-called Italian Wars, which pitched the many small republics and states of Renaissance Italy against the Valois kings of France, the Hapbsburgs of Austria and Spain, and each other. The main difference is that, instead of France, i used the Swedish faction already present in tEatRC.

I hope you'll enjoy this mod.
I do.

It's year 1426.

No more than 14 years ago, the Laurian king, Luis Loher, seized the Duchy of Apulia, assuring for himself a bridge-head to the fertile Bermianese valleys.

On the North, fearing a Laurian conquest of the rich inland and the richer ports of Bermia, Haelmarian king Iohan IV does the same, preparing for a full-scale invasion of the Eastern Bank of river Eridanus.

In the middle, Bermianese petty duchies, republics and principalities look at this as one of the countless invasions of the past, knowing little about the refinment of Laurian administration and military.

For the Bermianese, it may be the last free spring.

Map of the known world, by yours truly:


Thanks to D'Sparil for the mod&the support.
Thanks to Somebody for the source AND the endless technical support.
Thanks to Captured Joe for his dialogues.
Thanks for the M&B modding community for being so wonderfully helpful.

OSP Credits:
Naval battles by ruthven
Overhauled morale by jacobhinds
Freelancer by taragoth

Narf for his beautiful armors
Willhelm for compiling that precious 17th century pack
Fredelios' bunch of armours
Lucas the Benevolent's collection of weapons
Jan Tumas Sturmhauben
Cow7488 for his retexturing of narf's palte
Shredzorz, 15th century weapons pack
Jakko's italian props pack
Shaun Remo's skyboxes osp
BrustwarzenLenny's TES4 OSP pack.

All the people who contributed with their resources to The Eagle and the Radiant Cross mod.

I am barely able to read or write, so i do not take credit for anything in this mod, except piecing it together. If you see one of your resources used without credit, it just means that i forgot, not that i am claiming it as my own. Tell me and i will fix it at once.


- 8 New factions, complete with appropriate Claimants.
- New map
- New items, merchandise and unique.
- New lords
- Lots of new troops
- Old companions with new backstory
- New mercenaries with backstory.
- Freelancer! You will be enlisted as different kinds of troops according to your renown.
- Diplomacy
- Entrenchment by Tempered
- Naval battles code by ruthven (although they are quite buggy - at least in my system)
- Formations (by Chel, edited by D'Sparil)
- Recruiter's kit
- Improved Morale by jacobhinds
- Villages now have their own defenses, so be careful!
- Several new scenes in cities, castles and villages.
- Some of the tweaks i liked most from The Eagle and the Radiant Cross.
- Lots of New Lore & Background stories
- Many hidden references to Movies and History!
- Live the experience of italian Reinassance and late middle-age without the unsubstainable weight of historical learning!
- Join the Alma Mater and fight to spread the light of knowledge in the world!


- joining a siege defense as an enlisted freelancer will cause a menu loop. Until i have realized how to fix the bug, you need to desert your party to continue playing.
- when you start a new game, you have to set yourself as "commoner" in the slide. If you start as noble, you will not be taken to the character screen, and you will have to open it yourself. 
-conversations might (rarely, and never in the latest playtest) cause ctd, i still don't know why
- when joining a naval battle, it will be fought as a land battle. Being the primary attacker or defender works fine.
- if you send your companions away to increase your right to rule, they will never come back
- despite what the menu says at the beginning of the game, the camera is not supposed to move after you die. Don't listen to the menu, the menu lies.

I'm not a coder myself, so if anyone would like to contribute, that would be greatly appreciated.

- fixed a few weapons that lacked an animation
- burgonets should not turn you into a headless nightmare now
- companion dialogues provisionally reverted to an older version, until i can find the root of the problem
- i *might* have fixed the freelancer join bug, but i'm not sure
- a few minor fixes

- changed many models
- major revamp and overhaul of troops and factions
- added freelancer
- added the Duchy of Fransaborg (inspired by the Dutch army in the 17th century) as an available rebel faction for Haelmar.
- dialogues fixed


Press J to form ranks around the player.
Press K to form ranks around a standard bearer.
Press U to solve the ranks.

Only some (well, most of) the infantry units can form ranks.



Since the times of the great Bermianese revolt against the late Ellis empire, in the XI century, the cities of Brixia, Fanum, Arretia and Partenope began steadily to grow in power and wealth. Soon enough, banished the old courtly titles, the cities declared themselves Communes, free cities ruled by merchant oligarchies.
Strong, unruly and particularistic to the bone, the cities agreed to form a temporary league to counter a possible Laurian invasion.

Every two years the League elects a new Grand Seneschal: for the pressure of the Haelmarian Party, the weak and old Ezzelino della Langa, Duke of Arretia, was put in charge.
The fragile alliance seems certainly destined to destruction, through the pikes of the Loher or the horses of the Hackapelles. Altough, an ambitious, determined Councilmen could surely be able to turn the tide, and help the cities retain their beloved freedom.


Exactly 300 years ago the city of Bonomia, once the main university in the province of Bermia Trasmontana (the Alma Mater), witnessed the retreat of the legions. Little time passed before the teachers and the professors became, from simple advisors, the core of the Bonomian ruling class.
Now, after three centuries, the Alma Mater is ruled according to the ancient philosophers' utopical prescription: the three classes, Commoners, Professors and Warriors alike, live in a world strictly regulated by the Speakers' council. No family, no private property, no freedom: only the dream of a world enlightened by the True Wisdom brought by the Bonomian Professors.

Firs Speaker Umberto is concious of the role of his University in the world's affairs. He knows that, with the Lohers at the gates, the Alma Mater cannot survive holding only the three cities of Bonomia, Forlivi and Ravenna. If the dream of a world enlightened by the true knowledge is to be made true, it will be with iron, gunpowder and blood.


The eldest Bermianese Potentate, and undoubtedly the richest. Governing major seaside ports, and controllig trading routes passing through the whole world, Eridania will hardly die starving.
Doge Orseolo, assisted by a council of Wisemen (Savi) and Captains, have assisted passively for too long time to the haelmarian expansion in southeastern Bermia. The white king must be stopped, if the republic is to survive.


Bordering and always fighting with Eridania, the Zenoese Republic has a long history of trade, seamanship and mercenary-export.
Its people are though, more similar to the earth-footed citizens of the communes, than with the rich and exibitionists eridanian, with whom they share, nonetheless, uncommon commercial skills.
Doge Federico Doria and his Captains and Admirals are struggling to keep the court and the army efficient, since the day the Lion Throne conquered - and closed- the wool and leather routes from Ptia, Mylesia and Kara-Khitan.


The hills of Northern Bermia are a place of beauty, tradition and neverending military struggles. Since the times of the retreat of the Legions from the northern continent, not one single power has ever been able to unify the endless princes, dukes and counts claiming this or that title on this or that castle or city. Only recently, Prince Fiorenzo de'Cerusichi from Senna has been able to tame the dukes of Ronda, Faventia and Alba, unusually, counting on his (misterious) wealth and his uncanny diplomatical skills.
Now, his young son, Leone, has inherited a fragile situation. To the East, new-duke Aldobrando Aldobrandesco keeps threatening the border fortresses, while inside his own court, the families of Pazzi and Mascetti are endlessly plotting to seize throne of Senna.


Aldobrando Aldobrandesco used to be a footman in the army of Leonardo de'Cerusichi, brother of prince Fiorenzo. Now, he sits on the ducal throne of one of the richest, oldest and strongest cities in whole Bermia.
His hands still covered with the blood of former Duke Visconti, he made a law forbidding the lesser -but nonetheless ancient- nobles to raise private armies.
He is still paying for his decision, being forced to work with small armies of professional soldiers whose his court has given grants of land.
Altough few in numbers, those Ducal Companions, as they are called, are soldiers feared in the whole Bermia, and Beyond.

Some screenies (more are coming soon) :







Feedback, of course, is more than welcome.


You know I'm ready. I'm not a coder or a mapper but I know weapons pretty well. If you need me, just ask  :wink:


The Lore master of the Union is at your service, Emperor. I can do dialog, and when is it actually set? I could provide Haelmarian and Laurian Kings I should think.


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I'm not really a mod historian, but it's set during the last bermianese campaign, a few decades (say, like, 30-40 years) before Lauria invaded Calradia.

I sent you a pm with my msn, add me whenever you can.

By the way, what does the Lore suggest about this time\place?


Well you could either have:

Magnus XI, Iohann III, Margaret.

Luis III, Ferdinand XV.

I suggest using either Magnus or Iohann for Halmar, as Margaret isn't a warlike leader, Magnus is described as dieing in a battle versus the Laurians and the Bermianese. I think Luis would be best for the Laurians as his reign spans all of the mentioned Halmarians, with the exception of most of Margaret as he dies in 1440.


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I was thinking of adding only one branch of the union (in this case, Haelmar).

Now, since native haelmarian troops will substitute colonial ones, any ideas for the city-recruitable troops?
And for the laurians?
Is this age also a post-reform (pike and shot) one?

I was also thinking of adding the knights of the orders as regional troops.

About the bermianese, there will be three cultures, sharing the same kind of village recruit:

- Communal culture (Brixian League, Bonomian commune)
- "Marine" culture (Eridanian Republic, Republic of Zena)
- Aristocratic Culture (Duchy of Ronda-Faventia, Duchy of Mediolanum)

Of course, every faction will have its own uniques, recruitable in cities.

Another point i'd like to stress in the mod is the possibility to create your own principality, maybe even as a puppet ruler for one of the other factions, if you want. The all "feudal area" system will help the thing, i guess.


I'd say that it's approaching the height of the pike and shot era, i.e. early renaissance, so that the Bermianese style of fighting shown in EATRC is more common, and also the Halmarian and Laurian armies aren't exactly as they are now, they were reformed by Iohann IV and Imelda. Also, the oldest of characters in EATRC, mainly the more experienced Halmarian troops, would be low-ranking Ensigns or privates. Of course, the Halmarians would still have better firearms than the Laurians I would think.

How about foreign aid as recruitable troops? I would think that the Dual Monarchy, Swadians or State would help the Union due to the strongish Laurian presence in Calradia. Also an Imperial Expeditionary force would be nice. However, we could still have the normal city-recruitables and have levies and militia as village troops?


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i've been spending the last hours trying to come out with different city troops for the bermianese factions, so yes, the village\city system remains  :mrgreen:

And i'd like it to be before chapter II. Beyond the Obello Sea, the Lion Throne is just the name of a distant and unknown empire. There khergit are still submitting the ormelis and ellis is fighting for its survival against Swadia, while chancelor bohem has just finished carving out the Wesser Swadches Reich from the upper swadian principalities.

The outer world will make its presence felt, but only with mercenaries and references.

for now, the troop trees are planned as follows:

- Aristocratic bermianese:
footman-----------------crossbowman---------veteran crossbowman
          --------------swordsman--------------bec de corbin (a kind of polehammer)
                                          |-------------veteran swordsman

some city troops will include soldiers of fortune, ducal companions (NOT like those of the duchy), three different kind of knights

- Communal Bermianese

militia------------------communal crossbowman--------pavise crossbowman
        --------------------communal spearman--------communal sergeant
                                                            |----------- pavise speraman

city troops: mounted crossbowman, city militia, doppiosoldo (italian for dopplesoldner), feudal cavalry

- Marine Bermianese

recruit----------------crossbowman---------trained crossbowman--------veteran crossbowman
          ---------------infantry---------------veteran infantry

City troops: schioppi (arquebusiers), stradioti, marines.

- Laurian Kingdom

footman-------------arquebusier-----------veteran arquebusier

City troops: herreruelos, jinetes (not like the MTW ones, medium cavalry)

- Haelmar Union

recruit-------------musket---------------veteran musket
        --------------pikeman-------------veteran pikeman

city troops: hackapelle, jager

The biggest doubts are about the Union and the Laurian Kingdom.



Pretty good, not sure about the Bec de corbin man. I know what it is and I like it, but the name doesn't really suggest much to people who don't really focus on the historical side. And how will marines exactly be represented?

I think the Union should retain its three sub-factions and have militiamen for its village line, as in the lore, Halmar hasn't been in the best of state, and most of its army consists of militia due to monarchs getting killed, depressions, tribute paying etc.

Certainly before Chapter II would be nice, but didn't Wilhelm still rule the Reich in Chapter I?


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My idea of chapter II is "when ellis existed, the brigadiers had cool chinese swords and the swadian had no landsknecht, just pikemen" :mrgreen:

By the way, can you come out with a believable haelmarian troop tree?

P.s. with marines i mean "irregular" infantry, various armours and weapons, occasional bow, pistol or crossbow. The direct ancestors of the mod's sea riders.



erm, here goes:

Recruit----------------Haelmarian Levy---------Haelmarian Militia Pikeman
        -----------------Haelmarian Irregular--------Haelmarian Blunderbussman
                                                            --------Haelmarian Militia Musketeer


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Is there any chance to have the sourcecode of the mod, somehow?


I really NEED it, to start doing stuff.

Problem solved, thans D'S!


Anyway, I've started a new piece on a battle in the Bermianese wars. However, I am biased towards Halmar because I like their army. So don't be surprised if I focus on Halmar.


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Implemented in game the troop trees of Ronda\Faventia and Livanium.

The Rondan\Faventian can recruit two kinds of knights, while the Livanians have ducal companions---->foot\knight companion (not really like thos crappy duchy horsemen  :mrgreen: )



Nice! If you check in the lore thread, I've written another three lore pieces on this war, one on a battle between Duchy and the League.


Looks interesting. Nikephoros, you made the Imperial State helmets and a bunch of other items, right? If so, I have really high hopes for this.


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Well, it's coming out quite nice, i dare say.

I already implemented 3 (and a half) factions and some Lore, but i am in a desperate need for a mapper, or for someone to explain me how to make the map editor WORK.

Here are e few screenies:




hi there. im new to tEAtRC but im hooked  :grin:

ive read through quite a bit of the lore and im looking forward to playing a mod about the haelmar-laurian wars.

from what i read, will the haelmar militia pikemen and musketeers be similar to english civil war style troops? i.e. unarmoured but usefull in big formations

much respect

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