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So I've found that I'm loading up tavern scenes a lot more than the city itself, at least early on (haven't really played into midgame yet). Basically to look for companions (not really tracking anybody down off encyclopedia) and to play board games for early cash. Adding a bit more variety to them I think would go a long way in making the world more immersive. Taverns could have a different name per town and slightly varied layout amongst the racial types. Unique taverns might actually make a bigger impact right now than unique scenes for the cities to feel different.

I'm not sure what npc's can do in scenes in the engine. I know I've seen them run around a town and collect up people, and have seen them path over to people you want to find, so there appears to be some dynamic ability going on there. So given that they can change target, I think it would be nice to see the non important npc's walking around a bit in the tavern. One of the biggest standouts right now are tavern maids. They cycle pouring very frequently, which plays that nice audio clip, but that draws your attention to how rapidly they keep filling the same cup. Just having her cycle to idle for a random time before pouring again would go a long way. It also doesn't help that you can hear her frequent pours while you are zoomed in on the board game.

Overall I think taverns are one of the best fleshed out scenes in the game though, so maybe it's just the cycling tavern maid that bothers me, but I want them to feel more lively and fun, and overall I would love to see the world come more alive and have more reasons to be 'in scene' rather than out on the map in menus.

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I agree with this.
There could be:
  • Couples being romantic &/or intimate caressing hands, kissing and such.
  • Tavern fights and fight clubs (which maybe you could even participate &/or bet)
  • People dancing to the bard. There could even sometimes be more than a single musician making a more complex song.
    Maybe even add the possibility for the player to dance inside the tavern.
  • People you can have idle chit-chat, just talk about whatever with several paths that talk can go.
    Could even be used for random chance rare hidden quests.
  • Secret quests by meeting someone hidden of an enemy faction. Maybe even add the possibility for the player to choose to try to capture, possibility to fail the capture and chase their party and even the possibility to defect to that enemy faction with a "sabotage" hidden quest.
  • Flirt with tavern maids, other patrons and courtesans. Maybe pay for the courtesan or seduce someone, screen goes black while both climb the stairs, some sounds and that's it? Would already be something. Could even add the possibility of having a bastard or a child out of marriage.
There is a LOT of potential in the taverns right now.
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