Staircases Are Super Buggy

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Knight at Arms
Many of the staircases inside wall towers are buggy when going upstairs. It's as though only one side of them 'work', often I can only get up them by moving to the far left or right side of them or by jumping up (which the AI can't do). They act as obstacles, preventing troops from moving up them smoothly. There are always groups of troops getting stuck on staircases for the duration of the battle, one or two managing to break through as the rest clog up the staircase. I was just defending Jalmarys (great map) in a siege battle and couldn't even get up to the walls since my archers were stuck blocking the stairways, they remained there until the Battanians overran the walls and killed them all.

Is this something that people are aware of? It's a pretty big deal since it completely stops whole groups of troops moving and clogs up whole areas of the wall.
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