Siege needs to be updated!

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Isn't it a bit silly that you can't manage or do any activities in your settlement while it's under a siege? All you can do is starve and wait for the engagement.

I just had to go and help defend my castle with my fresh party meant to be trained up. The castle had a nice garrison of 100+ khans defending it, but eventually they all died / got wounded to starvation whilst in my personal inventory, I had food for thousands of days causing me to lose the siege and getting taken as prisoner.

Also, please correct me if I'm wrong, I haven't been in this situation a long time, but I'm pretty sure that while defending a town during a siege, you can't also access markets nor can't do ANY management in the garrison, for example, go to dungeon and recruit prisoners in the last hope of defending.

I didn't live during middle ages, but I'm pretty sure people back then didn't just sit on the walls waiting for starvation or until enemy finally started to engage them, so I suggest some major updates in Siege:

*Being able to contribute food!
*Being able to access dungeons to recruit prisoners
*Being able to change troops between garrison and your party as you would normally.
*Being able to change governor. Perhaps in the time of siege you would want someone else as governor considering their perks.
*Being able to access the settlement building menu and do some critical changes. Maybe during a siege you would like to cancel your Aqueducts construction, instead focus on granaries or getting more militia.
*Add new construction called Secret Tunnels which, under a siege, enables you to receive secret food deliveries from bound villages, as long as they haven't been raided. (Ideally that would be a little mission style feature, like sallying out or ambush. But a simple +X amount of food to settlement supply per Secret Tunnels level would work too)

*Bonus idea: Can we also be able to "Take a walk in the settlement" during a siege just for the sake of immersion. To be able to go on the walls and see massive enemy siege camps with all the torches outside your settlement during a night, or your own settlement's streets all barricaded, night guards patrolling the walls..... That is a dream!

Feel free to post your ideas here too and let's make our MB community ideal Siege system and relevant features happen here on this thread. Maybe one day we start seeing them in game too.

Anyway, thank you, developers, for the hard work you put in. There may have been times where I have lost hope for this game, but the 1.2.0 patch really was a great news and proof that you guys are still into it yourselves too!

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