Should you give money to homless people?

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So today, on my way to work I saw a rather sad scene.
I do tend to give money to beggars that ask, but I often save these alms to hand to them on a windy day I throw the money at them which is often in notes and enjoy the look on their faces as the loose papers get blown away, just like their dreams. If I just walk past ignoring people I feel like too much of a **** so I am a bit of an ideal sucker to beg money from. I do rather prefer to give money to people begging on the street when I give some in charity at all, so I can actually see who it's going to rather than dissapearing into some giant "charitable company" never to be seen again.

But yeah, if you can spare it, give it.


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I usually only provide money to those who are directly asking for food or at least trying to offer a service, the service doesn't have to be useful, the other month a women came selling some small cloth balls with perfume sprayed inside, 1,50$ each, I had no use for that stuff, but the fact that she offered me a service is proof enough for me that she is actively perusing a better life, I only had a 2$ bill and so I told her she could keep the change, and she actually gave me 2 balls instead and thanked me.


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I usually will. To me, I don't care who they are, are they a genuinely homeless man or not. Because helping someone makes me happy. If someone I helped is a liar, I would say, "what a bad luck day."
I still remember a scene in the Netflix film <Old Guard>. Till today, this scene makes me warm. Please allow me to share it.

"Today, I put this on your wound."
" help someone up when they fall."
"We're not meant to be alone."
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