Shameless praise


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As the title says this is shameless praise for an awesome mod.

I'm having such a hoot with this it borders on criminal. My interest in M&B was acctually waning after three or four years (I began with 0.751) and had found myself hardly playing except for occasional EG3 sessions.
However this mod has absolutely rekindleld my love of this game. I play as much like a real General as I can, sitting ahorse behind my line taking little action myself, just ordering my men around and it feels perfect.

Some of my favourite battles are those where the enemy does not advance, forcing me to march my men forward under fire until we could spit at them then unleashing a devastating volley before releasing my cavalry into the flanks.

I'm loving this so much I had completely forgotten about the other gunpowder mods in development for some time.

Now all I'm waiting for is the Ottoman expansion and I'll be that much closer to divorce proceedings as my wife hardly sees me anymore.

Thank you bjorne for an epic gaming experience.


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I am pleased you liked it...
But you gonna wait for the 1716 to be released for a while.