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I was wondering if anyone knew how the 'Custom Server List' works ?
On Sunday - I had planned an Oceanic siege event, however instead of a siege server, there were two Oceanic team deathmatch servers online.
Is there any way to predict when there will & won't be a siege server / TDM server for the various regions ? They seem to pop up & disappear at random.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as we're trying to bring the Oceanic servers back to life & it would be really great to know when the siege server will be online & when it won't.



Would be great to help Bronze out here devs, he is working hard to revive Oceanic server through his own efforts and in turn that will help to revive the east asia captain server and further bolster the numbers on east asia skirmish servers.

Cheers for what you do for our down under community mate
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