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Mod's Version: Way of the Warrior 2.5 "Time for the Sword" (updated 11 January 2020)
Version Required Warband: 1.174
Recommended WSE version: 4.7.0, 4.7.1, 4.7.2 (included in mod, but can play without WSE)

Download (v2.5, Installer): ModDB, Google Drive, Nexus
Download (v2.5, ZipArchive): ModDB
Sources (module system, installer, shaders) (v2.5): Google Drive
OpenGL-shaders (for GNU/Linux and MacOS): Mod DB
Patch to v2.5.0.2 (it contains module system): ModDB

Discord channel: https://discord.gg/yJFCpa6

"Withstand me if you can; I have already come to you, and I am plundering your lands." (Life of Alexander Nevsky)

Anno Domini 1237.
Europe and Asia are plunged into the abyss of bloody war. Christians wage war with Muslims and heathens. Catholics battle with orthodoxies. Orthodoxies kill each other.
Brother against brother, and son against father.
From the West, Teutonic Knights have come crusading against heathen and orthodox Slavs, to turn them into the Latin faith. Knight-brothers have already consolidated in Baltic and now look further to the East, where, boundless and rich, Rus lies.
Poland, torn apart with inner contradictions, tries to deter the approaching Order Komturias, already settled firmly on the right bank of Vistula.
But upon all European nations hovers another, imminent threat. From the Far East comes Batu-Khan - the ambitious grandson of the great conqueror of nations, Genghis Khan. Furious hordes sweep across the Great Steppe and the land of Rus, aiming for the West, aiming for the Last Sea, laying one nations under tribute and mercilessly exterminating others. They are determined to fulfil the holy will of the Khan, and it seems that there is no force in the world that can stop them.

The historic mod "Rus 13th Century: Way of the Warrior" reconstructs the events of this dramatic and heroic age. You can unite the forces of Ruthenian princedoms and give battle to the Horde, or gather the Novgorod militia and warmly greet the Order knights on the ice and snow of the northern lands. You can feel yourself a warrior of the Horde, a vassal of the Teutonic Landmeister, or become a proud shlachta and fight for the glory of Kingdom of Poland.

"And the glory of his name spread throughout all lands, from the Sea of Khupozh to the Mountains of Arabia and to the far shore of the Varangian Sea and to Great Rome." (Life of Alexander Nevsky)

Installing instructions:
1) Launch mod installer
2) Follow instructions (ATTENTION! You must choose game folder as destination path NOT Modules folder!!! i.e. X:\ ... \Mount&Blade Warband)
3) Launch mod with Link on Desktop (or WSELoader.exe) or with WSE (WSELoader.exe) or as standart Warband's mod mb_warband.exe

Topic on rusmnb.ru: https://rusmnb.ru/index.php?topic=22980.0
Topic on commando.com.ua: https://commando.com.ua/mb/modswarband/4722-mod-rus-13th-century-way-of-the-warrior-v25.html

• During combat, you can pick up weapons and ride stolen horse. After the battle, they become yours. If you are left without your weapon / horse - you lose them.
• Changes with horses. Reduced cost and armor horses changed their life indicators and speed / agility. Andaluz is not the best. Be careful: the horse easily lose 1-3 strokes.
• Refinement of AI in the choice of weapons. Riders dismounted independently and intelligently choose the weapons and change it depending on the situation (for example: against the rider take out the spear, against infantryman - sword).
• Full rebalance of weapons, including small arms and throwing, with preservation of historicity.
• Experiment in seeking an optimal balance continues.
• Corrected some indicators armor (weight / protection).
• Significantly increased the number of all the castle garrison and field troops princes.
• Changed prices payment fighters.
• Lowered the threshold loyalty of the city (10) to open the shop.
• Medical leveled to level the early Middle Ages.
• Changed dynamic lighting in battle.
• Loyalty Lords raised his faction.
• Various other minor improvements and updates

- Added start as vassal or lord or king.
- Added ladies for Lithuania and Teutons.
- Now, people on cities' scenes can spawn mounted.
- Global map has been a little tweaked and repaired.
- Some helmets, which should cover beard, but did not it, now do it.
- Some scenes have been fixed (thanks Stefano).
- New icon on global map for Ladoga.
- Speech of Daumantas (pretender to Lithuania's throne) has been totally rewritten.
- Horde's lords has been reworked.
- Small balance changes.
- Some other minor changes and bug fixes.

- The Horde faction (settlements, troops) has been completely reworked according to the history. Now, in the horde, the player can hire the Bulgars, Cumans and Burtases.
- The Ruthenia faction has been reworked: now the lands of Ruthenia are being represented by three factions: Kievan Ruthenia (Grand Principality of Kiev), Vladimir-Suzdalian Ruthenia (Grand Principality of Vladimir), Novgorodian Ruthenia (Novgorod Boyar Republic). Accordingly, new lords and settlements were added. Finno-Ugrians are hired in some settlements of the Finno-Ugric peoples.
- There are labels of regions and historical lands on the global map. You can disable them in the mod settings.
- Optional historical names of Teutonic troops.
- Battle clothes of some Teutonic lords were changed.
- Bug with flag selection has been fixed.
- New character creation screen.
- New quest for the Teutons (can be given by the traveler).
- The settlements, which belongs to the faction rulers, use the flag of the faction instead of the flag of the ruler on the global map.
- The ransom brokers have been returned.
- Maps of the regions have been nerfed. The price was increased, and the effect was reduced and now it depends on the skill 'Path Finding' and intelligence attribute.
- The shield bash was added. Player and AI can use it.
- The transitions of the lords between factions are limited in some measure.
- Bug with deserters' parties has been fixed.
- New scene of Murom.
- Some bugs and scenes were fixed.

1) Fixed bugs with some scenes.
2) New town (Pskov), castles (Rusa, Velikiye Luki, Sluchesk) and a lot of ruthenian villages.
3) New horde's scenes (from 12th).
4) Renamed ruthenian settlements. Now, they have a old name.
5) Renamed horde settlements. (Towns: Bolghar, Uvek, Azak-Tana, Beljamen, Sarai-Batu, Sarai-Berke; Castles: Majar, Suvar and old khan's encamps; villages: Camp Bulgar -> Bilar).
6) Added invasion of german feudals
7) Added lances.
:cool: New armors.
9) Fixed a bug 'repairing weapon'.
10) Fixed a bug 'swaybacked arrows'.
11) Fixed other bugs.

1) Added new models of armor and weapon.
2) Added some scenes.
3) Added ability to start crusade.
4) Added ability to sell all prisoners in dialogue with Ramun or others traders in solonchaks.
5) Added ability convince the king to start a war or make a peace agreement.
6) Now, when player requests a conversation with the lord (in the castles), the lord will come out to talk with player if the player serves to a lord's faction. Or if the renown of the player is greater than 200.
7) New map icons.
:cool: Changed tournament system.
Fights: the same as they were. In a team. But everyone fights in own equipment and in own weapons.
Participants: lords, player, npcs, tournament npcs (e. g. Kradus), soldiers of high tier of faction, in which city tournament is held, which names do not have symbols = =, and in Teutonic Order - Danish and Swedish knights.
Reward for victory: 5000 denars + a good horse of faction in whose city the tournament is held.
9) Ability to recruit soldiers with 'lance' system in towns and villages which are owned by player.
10) New banners for Lithuania.
11) Chinese mercenaries are dressed in Chinese clothes.
12) Improved gangster "dens" - Stream and Ravine. There player can hire bandits and sell the prisoners (cheaply).
13) Now the starting relationship and the characters of the lords more closely correspond to the truth (well, as it seems to us).
14) Hiring recruits in locations now requires effective relations, not basic. These are the relations that show in the dialog..
15) Added the ability to disable weapon breaking.
16) Slightly redrawn global map. Some settlements have been moved and renamed.
17) Fixed some bugs.

- Fixed many bugs of the previous version
- Lithuania is a full-fledged faction: the opportunity at the start to play for Lithuania, swear allegiance to Lithuania and carry out tasks of Lithuanian Lords
- The opportunity to set fire to the camp of bandits with all the consequences. New scenes of bandit lairs
- Lively settlements: animals (cows, pigs, dogs, sheep) and animated characters
- Corrected the Horde tactics in the field battle
- Disabled auto-transitions of lords from the faction into the faction
- Fixes and additions in russian translation
- A lot of new scenes

Update "Angry Lietuva" mod "Rus XIII - Way of the Warrior" offers fans a lot of new and interesting possibilities.

1) Scenes:
- Replaced about 25 town and siege scenes, castles and villages:
• All Lietuva
• Order: Thorn, Odenpe, Kokenhausen, Gerzika
• Poland: Lublin
• Ruthenia: Turov, Volodymyr-Volynsky, Kyiv(siege), Chernihiv, Smolensk
- A global rotation of all settlements on the map: where the winter is no longer meet summer village and vice versa. Fixed siege scenes and fixed bugs.
- Scenes performed with traditional for this mod diligence and respect for the history. We were looking for models and drawings-maps of archaeological excavations. We take into account the geographical position of the settlement (hills, rivers).
- Siege scenes contain model-specific weapons, provide unusual for traditional Warband nonlinear path assaults and defense (ruined walls, barricades, full scene - will have take up donjon)
- In this regard, we are grateful for the feedback, because this amount of high-grade test new scenes we could not. Welcome to robust criticism and willingness to help in "military business".

2) we have provided the new role of Lithuania - a new hardcore member of historical events:
- we gave up the role of Lithuania as a whipping boy, gave her independent status and several fuses, transforming it into a pretty hardcore member of heroic events of 1230's
- Main hero can make peace with the faction and join its ranks
- strengthened the Lithuania princely troops, added several historically accurate dukes, added several villages, added Polotest to Lithuania, enhanced loyalty chiefs and princes to faction leader
- In the land of Lithuania added patrols, as well as many fairly strong and numerous groups of local robber-soldiers who may join the faction troops in battle
- Improved visualization (coat of arms), updated armor models, slightly reworked troop upgrade tree

3) in the direction of greater visual appeal, balance:
- strengthened and added a variety of kipchak's groups (added a new kind of veteran warriors, the warriors are dressed in historically accurate kipchak's armors; added quite dangerous nomad horde capable with smaller squads not only rob the caravan, but the average squad of duke/khan)
- disguised and better armed groups of mountain bandits-hutsuls who attack travelers in the Carpathians and Volyn-Galicia
- from Korsun-Chersonesus to the Dnieper rapids, Byzantium tries to control Tavria well-armed, but the lone squad of elite mercenaries, which regularly show "what's what" local Kipchaks; now with them (the Byzantines), you can fight against the nomads, or vice versa - to collect good weapons or trophy and horses in the battle against the Imperial henchmen - can and squad of Main hero (via the menu dialogue of this group you can a quarrel or make peace with the Empire)
- optimized basing and re-equipped soldiers-mercenaries
- continued the tradition of balancing armor and weapons: Now, not having sufficient strength, in the early stages of heavy armor or a helmet you will not dress.
- and many other things, such as new icons, improved animation, adding equipment models.

4) Common:
- The new design, animated menus and miniatures on the loading screen.
- Now just captured a settlement could not immediately equip garrison, it will take time. It made for more reality.
- Changed the fractions colors, ordered some of the coat of arms in relation with the addition of new historical characters.
- Completely changed companions - removed vanilla, created new and unique personages.
- Added animation windmill, added new models of buildings and fortifications.

The mod used other teams achievements, which gave out a permit, for which we express our sincere gratitude to the authors.
Developers: Van, Janycz, Половець - (scripts) Vojd - (scenes), fritz.m, Свидригайло Луцький - (testers). Trix58 - russian translation

Scripts: Van, Janycz, Половець, Дикий-дикий повар
Scenes: Vojd, Stefano
Test: fritz.m, Свидригайло Луцький, Van, Тан Сулла
Historical Consultation: Тан Сулла, Van
Factions' Arms: Lord Jamestown

For help with the English translation we thank comrade Hazzardevil
For help with the Russian translation we thank Trix58, Rosska54, SorXchi, Димчик (aka Дима Гончар)
For drawing relief images we thank comrade GrimReaper

Tavern Animation Pack (Slawomir of Aaarrghh)
Map Icons Pack (Slawomir of Aaarrghh)
Fred's bunch 'o armours (Fredelios)
Dynamic Kingdom Troop Tree Presentation (dunde)
The World Map to show the exact realm of factions (rubik)
Narf's Rus Armour Pack (Narf of Picklestink)
Pino's Armors Pack (pino69)
Blood and Dust (comickevin)
Crusaders Way to Expiation (Mark7, ficus, Romainoir, shturmfogel, Andre de Bur and others)
Before the Rus (VIN_LEO, stepa95, zigovit, qwerty403, Totigor)
The Historic Lords Project (thick198:cool:
iggorbb LSP (iggorbb)
Battlefield Priests for Calradia (Yamabusi)
Mount & Blade Modding Contest - Scenes (Gokiller, InVain)
12th (12th mod's team)
1257 AD (DrTomas and others)
Viking Conquest (Brytenwalda Team)
In the name of Jerusalem (In the name of Jerusalem mod's team)
Map scribbler and its shader (mtarini)

If you have the cow invasion issue, then delete map_icons_c.dds from TexturesHD folder.

1) Installer: GNU GLPv3
2) Shaders: GNU GLPv3
3) Module System:
3.1) For non-commercial use: Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported
3.2) Commercial use of the module system is prohibited.
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Alfredthegreat said:
Janycz said:
JabdiMelborn said:
...So this is not a released mod...?

Mod released.
Link to download is present.
better to put it in caravanserai, but a great mod it looks like :smile:
In Caravanserai can not post new threads
But we can create a topic here and ask an admin / moderator to move the topic
But who here is admin or moderator?
Well I loved the original Rus XIII century but an "offshoot" of Rus XIII century? so is it just the old Rus XIII century ported to warband? and how does it differ from the Rus XIII century alpha that they made for warband?
The Rus XIII mod was one of the quality mods for regular M&B. It's nice to see this ported to Warband. I'm eager to see if you're going to expand it in the future, seeing as Warband has a lot of different features to take advantage of.
Big fan of the original RusXIII, looking forward to trying this out :smile:

EDIT: tried it out, seems a little buggy, what's up with faction names, character names not showing up?
This looks very promising, but there's the odd spelling mistake and the notes section doesn't work properly. You can't view the list of factions and when you go to villages it says "the rooler of" instead of "the ruler of", but this is all easily fixed.
Loved it from vanilla MB for I think its one of the best mods out there!

Apparently though WSE is not supporting latest WB versions which prevents it from playing it.. what a loss
There is WSE in this you know. Go into your modules, then Rus, then WSE and you can find the loader. Or if you have Silverstag use the same WSE launcher as that.
Edit: The above doesn't work, so I use Silverstag's WSE, which works just fine.
YourStepDad said:
Just use the WSE included in silverstag, it works with 1.158

Although, how does one recruit troops? I can't seem to recruit them from villages.

If it's anything like the original Rus XIII you need a good relationship with the village before you can  recruit same applies recruiting from lords/castles which is why it was one of the toughest mods to play, also because the village troops are basically farmers to start off, other than mercs from taverns you can try to attack the smaller prisoner trains and recruit freed prisoners but if I remember correctly they will only join you if they are allied to your faction.
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