[RoN]: Rise of Nationalism (v1.1, updated 13 Sept. 09).

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"Any suggestions on what he should look like and how he should be equipped?" there you go, a Greek Cretan unit (the rifle is possibly a musketoon)

"I think they wore all black." they also had their traditional black uniforms

Greek Cretan and Greek Macedonian uniforms seem to be similar

P.S. thank God mount&blade rise of nationalism modification is a standalone and doesn't need others to work

no other mod (or even action shooter) has ever made that specific Balkan era


Any updates coming ? ;D i would like to see more of this mod ! it's awesome , that everything i can say , really enjoying it !!! 


I'm afraid not.. I hope I'm wrong though. Otherwise not a single mod on this board will still be alive.

For the time being at least. Check again one month from now. *hint*  :wink:


a suggestion:
mount&blade rise of nationalism should have used muzzle flame effects as the ones in mount&blade 1866 modification

for the Ottoman Turks stretch the map to include Agyra

the kubura that fires two shots it should have been a double barreled muzzle and not a single barreled muzzle

a notice:
the Ottoman Turkish cavalry headcloth was a turban with fez and not an ushanka

the Ottoman Turkish flag had and a star

the Ottoman Turks don't seem to have shields at that era

also it was used the Italian Cario & Figlio musket

something is wrong at the backside neck of the Krajisnic uniform and the guard uniform

how come the male Serbian Strelac becomes a female Krajisnarica?

three Greek village names and a Greek castle name need correction such as the Anorahi and not Anarahi, the Armenohori and not Armenonori, the Ioannina and not Ioanina and the Edessa and not Edhessa

Greek general Theodoros Kolokotronis uniform was an Evzon uniform of the atakti army and not a nomad robe, and the helmet was a casquette with "horse tail" and not a bascinet 

the Evzon uniform of the atakti army had and leather greaves (it was similar to the ancient Greek army metalic periknimis but it was leather)

there were and Greek tunics with red vest and purple vest to the Evzon uniform

to the Evzon uniform some vests of the Greek tunics were as coats and some other vests had sleeves

also to the Evzon uniform the Greek headclothes were mostly red and had a "horse tail" above, and they were mostly caps (as the fez) not turbans

all the Evzon units formed the atakti army (unregular army or untactic army)

the Evzon units of the atakti army didn't fought in lines as the linemen that's why they were named atakti

atakti means something that it is not tactic

plural atakti singular ataktos

the Greeks instead of the atakti army had and the ieros lohos (sacred band or holy regiment) that had regular, tactic army uniforms

some pictures:

Ottoman Turkish cannons firing

Ottoman Turkish leaders that had taken Peloponnesian Tripoli are dressed formaly with their shiny and clean uniforms and stand in front of Greek general Theodoros Kolokotronis and his units

this is the Greek general Theodoros Kolokotronis of the atakti army

this is the Greek general Alexandros Ypsilantis of the ieros lohos leaving for Greece

Greek women of that era in battle

Greek Evzon units of the atakti army in battle

Greek Evzon units of the atakti army together with regular, tactic army units in battle

the army of Greek general Theodoros Kolokotronis is freeing Tripoli (general Kolokotronis birth place was the village of Libovisi near Tripoli of Arkadia)

Greek army giving the oath

Greek Evzon unit of the atakti army

and some interesting reference:
(rare firearm worksmanship of the past)


(edited and corrected the message and sent it again)



Corrige An IX 1801

1766 Charleville

An IX de Cavallerie 1800

An IX Dragoons 1800

Ussaro M.1786

Revolutionnaire 1777

Swiss Match 1750

Prussian 1809

Jager Hunter 1750

Jager Target 1750



M.1816 Infantry-Grenadier


Indian Torador matchlock


Moroccan Mukahla Altit snaplock


Moroccan Mukahla Taouzilt snaplock


Afghan Jezail Khyber Pas


Afghan Khyber Pas


Balkan Rasak


Balkan Dzeferdar 1828


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bjorne. said:
Wow the indian and afghanian muskets are ugly as **** :razz:
Those musket don't look that...smooth if I can put it that way. :smile:

And... I smell something familiar ( .unknown. I mean... posting photo's in AoB and 1866 mod sub forum).



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is there anyone, hopefully from the team, that can make a trailer for this mod?
Much appreciated. Cheers.
Woah, nice, the balkans! 
The idea for this minimod is very good, I'm downloading it for sure. I like the age of blackpowder series, this surely looks good.
Bjorne would you know of a way for me to implement the Player Kingdom mod and set the Recruitment from AOR to Faction Recruitment manually? because that's the one thing I feel that both AoR and the RoN add-on sorely lacks. and with your permission (if i am successful) I would gladly upload the modified files as an Add-on.


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AoR? how come people keeps making this mistake?

anyway. I don't know exactly what you wish todo, but everyone is free to use anything from the mod, all is OSP.

EDIT: Had to fix a spelling mistake, due to my arrogant bastard to a classmate told me to....
EDIT2: "of a classmate"....


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Herr_Lindstrom said:
Bjorne would you know of a way for me to implement the Player Kingdom mod and set the Recruitment from AOR to Faction Recruitment manually? because that's the one thing I feel that both AoR and the RoN add-on sorely lacks. and with your permission (if i am successful) I would gladly upload the modified files as an Add-on.
Have you made a update of this mod or an other add-on? It would be nice if this mod would be updated. Like the setting a lot + the troops look great.

What i Mean by AOR is "Area of Recruitment". Or most commonly known as "Native Recruitment". What I want to do is to make the recruitment so that if "Faction A" takes over a city and surrounding villages, from "Faction B", those villages now produce "Faction A's" troops. And Player kindom allowes you to recruit new generals depending on the number of castles/cities you conqured and also allowes you to manage what culture. in this mod's case: Serbian, Bosnian, Montinegran (sp?), Ottoman, and finally Greek, but I'd like to add 2 more, those being, Russian, and Austrian (to simulate a fictional austrian or russian incursion into the balkans), and i'll probably end up using the models from the original AoB for the Austrians and Russians


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oh thank god. Thought you did the commun misstake of mixing up Age of Blackpowder and Realm of Revolution as Age of Revolution... it really grinds my pies.
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