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ROCK Rules and Regulations
Table of Contents




  • Income
    • Settlement Income
    • Raiding Income
    • Looting Income
  • Upgrades
    • Settlement
    • Troop


Battles & Sieges
  • Engagement Conditions
    • Engagement Definition
    • Attacking/Defender Designation
    • Attacking Guidelines
    • Defending Guidelines



With the onset of a rebellious attack on Vaegir territory the Nordic Kingdom is torn in two groups, those that support the crown and it's authority and those that wish for new power to arise as the governing body.  The battles lines have been drawn as neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother.  The Loyalists set out to diminish the power of the rebellious lords by capturing land, razing villages, and devastating the armies that would fight for such a cause.  The Rebels aim to overthrow the current King as his disposition toward and lack of interest in the arts of war do not suit their warmongering ways.  The struggle begins to write the history that will forge the coming ages of the Kingdom of the Nords.

All motivation and intentions for this campaign is to put purpose and strategy behind the matches that are fought between multiplayer clans while providing a fun and fluid experience of Mount and Blade: Warband.  "FUN" is the keyword in that statement.  The atmosphere will be semi-competitive providing an arena for the casual warband clan as well as clans focused on winning engagements.  The number of factions has been limited to promote larger scale battles and the campaign map has been kept small once again promoting larger scale battles.  My hope is that will provide an experience to the participants that has not been seen before. 



Many of the concepts and rules here are still under review and may be changed/altered to best suit the original intent for the campaign.


Registration: Due by 12-7-11.
Clan Registration
Visit Registration Thread
- Name
  • This is the formal name in which your lordship will be referred to as.
- Number of Participants
  • The maximum amount of active players that you expect to field during engagements
- Allegiance
  • Your preferred faction placement : Subject to review by the administration for the balancing of skill/numbers
Registering as a clan obligates meeting the requirement of the the Minimum Turn Announcement

Individual Registration
  • See rules and guidelines for raiding parties.


Victory Conditions
  • A faction will be declared the winner when:
    I. All enemy settlements have been conquered.
    II. All enemy armies are eliminated.
    III. The size of the armies have stalemated due to garrison sizes in settlements, in which the winner will be
    determined by the faction holding the most amount of settlements.


- Ethnicity
  • Both main factions will be based on the Nordic Kingdom and it's respective troop types.  No other kingdoms are utilized for this campaign for either of the main two factions.
  • Raiding Parties will be the various other factions represented in Calradia (except Khergit) comprised of low tier troops/equipment.
- Nord Loyalists
  • Those that remained loyal to the king's wishes and did not participate in The Capturing of Curaw.  Clans that register for loyalists will be the lordships that still support the king.  The lordships combined will create the loyalist faction.
- Nord Rebels
  • Those lords that comprised and executed The Capturing of Curaw.  Clans that register for the rebels will be the lordships that are aimed to overthrow the king.  The lordships combined will create the rebel faction.
- Raiding Parties
  • Individuals or loosely affiliated groups that wish to engage in the campaign are allowed to form raiding parties for the purpose of raiding either faction's villages as they wish. See raiding party rules/guidelines.


- Definition
  • Registering clans will be designated as a lordship that will comprise the seperate factions.  Lordships of the same faction are automatically allied and may fight in engagements as so.
- Lordship Armies
  • A lordship will be provided with two armies upon the start of the campaign.  Each army is comprised of 500 troops each.
  • A Lordship may choose to split either/both of these armies into two halves as long as the following requirements are met:
    I. The army is above 150 troops.
    II. The army has not been split before, meaing an army may only be split one time.
  • Split armies may combine back with their original army at any time.
  • Only the two original armies may be split.
  • No additional moveable troops will be available from the original two armies of 500 troops.
  • Lordship armies will be distinguished by the number of that army on the army map icon.
  • Split armies will be a given a letter suffix to distinguish the two halves.
- Economy
  • Lordships will begin the campaign with 0 Gold.


- Dissolvement
  • A lordship will be considered dissolved upon the defeat of it's last remaining army.
  • A lordship's army will be considered dissolved when it contains less than 50 troops.
  • Dissloved armies due to less than 50 troops are not available to particpate in engagements or be considered for an enemy attack.
  • Dissolved armies may be merged into an existing army of that lordship or one of it's allies existing armies.
  • Dissovling an army into your allies army negates that lordship from participating in an engagement with those troops.


Raiding Parties
  • Individual participating with a clan registered as a lordship may not participate with a raiding party.
  • No minimum or maximum is placed on the number of participants in a raiding party.
  • Normal battle/siege rules apply to raiding party engagements
  • Raiding parties will be allowed to choose one of the various other factions represented in Calradia excluding Khergit.
  • Raiding parties will be comprised of the lowest tier troops/equipment.
  • Raiding parties will be issued 50 total troops to complete a raid.
  • After a raid is attempted, any or all participants in the attempting raiding party must wait a minimum of two full turns before another raid may be attempted.
  • A successful raid will result in the standard economic benefit for a raid. 
  • A tally of all raiding parties and their winnings will be kept to distinguish those groups that are successful in raiding during the course of the campaign.


Faction Balance
  • After the registration period is complete the final registration status of all teams will be evaulated by the development team, and if an imbalance situation exists, those clans will be contacted to further discuss the proper balance before the campaign start.

Territory Distribution
  • Upon conclusion of the balancing process, the various settlements will be distributed to the lordships based upon their registered and verfied number of participates by a predetermined scale.

Territory Trading
  • Lordships have the ability, before the start of the campaign, to evenly trade their allocated territories with an allied lordship with conscent from both lordships involved and ROCK Administartions.


Territory Types
  • Territories are divided into two types, Rural and Settlement with the latter being comprised of 3 seperate styles.
- Rural
  • Rural lands are areas between established settlements where an engagement can occur.  The terrain type and style will be reflected in the map the engagement will take place on.
- Villages
  • Villages are the current Nordic and some Vaegir villages pulled from the singleplayer campaign, modified for use in  multiplayer.  View the campaign map for a full view of all villages used.
- Castles
  • Castles are the current Nordic and some Vaegir castles pulled from the singleplayer campaign, modified for use in  multiplayer.  View the campaign map for a full view of all castles used.
- Cities
  • Cities are the current Nordic and some Vaegir cities pulled from the singleplayer campaign, modified for use in multiplayer.  View the campaign map for a full view of all cities used.


Troop Type
  • Standard garrison troops are of a militia style comprised of basic armor and weapons
- Castle and City
  • Garrison troops are only available to defend a castle/city if a lordship army is not garrisoned in that settlement
  • Once placed, castle/city garrisons are not movable and non-replenishable.
  • There are no limitations on the minimum/maximum amount of garrison troops placed in each settlement
Provided Garrison
  • Lordships are given 75 garrison troops per castle they have been allocated and 150 garrison troops per city they have been allocated.
  • Standard placement of garrison troops is providing them to the castle/city in which they have been allocated.
  • If you wish to alter the standard placement please post quantity and settlement you wish the garrison to be placed in the ROCK Settlement Trading and Army Starting Position thread.
- Village
  • Villages recieve an automatic 50 garrison troops.
  • Village garrison troops replinish after each engagement
Garrison Armies
  • A lordship's army, or an ally army of the owner of a settlement, is allowed to garrison themselves in a settlement with no minimum/maximum amount of time.
  • Providing an army as garrison will circumvent a standard garrison in that settlement if an engagment were to occur there.
  • Villages are not available to garrison an army.


Lordship Scening Abilities
  • A Lordship will be able to modify their settlement scenes whether from initial allocation or conquest to improve defensability or asthetics within the following guidelines:
Acceptable Additions
  • Addition of tower corners with murder holes.
  • Addition of a working portcullis at a main gatehouse.
  • Addition of wall battlement structure.
  • Addition of a working keep.
  • Modification of scene terrain.
  • Various defensive choke points.

Guidelines and Mandates
  • No addition gated tiers may be added without purchase of the proper upgrade.
  • The overall area the wall system encloses remains consistent with the orgininal scene.
  • Villages may only have minimum choke point barriers using natural props of a village.
  • Castles must have 2 statically placed ladders at accepting battlements.(ie, Broken Walls/Towers)
  • Cities must have a minimum of 3 entry points with a minimum of 2 static ladders per gatehouse.
  • All doors must be breakable with sally doors limited to sally entrances/exits.
  • All portcullis must have working controls in an adjacent point with a minimum of 1 access point.

- All modified scenes must be submitted to the ROCK Admin team for review before an engagement may take place there.

Minimum Scening

- In the instance a lordship lacks a properly skilled individual or does not wish to alter their settlements scenes, the ROCK Admin team will provide minimum scening including the the following:
  • Proper placement of spawns.
  • Addition of purchased upgrades.

- In addition there are a number of individuals that have offered their services in altering scenes.  Contact Mad Dawg for further details.

Addition of Time/Weather to Scenes

  • - The ROCK Dev team will, per request, add the special feature of a change in time or in weather or in both to a lordship's scene. This will be done before in the initial release of the module system and will not be changable.


- Settlement Income
  • Each settlement provides a standard amount of gold each turn.
    Village = 300 gold
    Castle = 400 gold
    City = 800 gold
- Raiding Income
  • Raiding an enemy village provides you with that village's income during the next turn and prevents the owner of that village from collecting a revenue from it that turn.
- Looting Income
  • The victorious army in an engagment will recieve 200 gold for every 100 kills in a battle/siege.
  • Looting from engagements with multiple participating lordships will be evenly divided between all parties involved.


- Settlement
  • Lordships will have the option to upgrade their settlements to further benefit them defensively or economically.
  • Village Upgrades
    Defensive Upgrade = Wooden Pallisade with only two openings surrounding your village.  Cost = 1500 gold
    Economic Upgrade = Merchant's Shop to advance the amount of trade in the village resulting in an increased revenue by +100 gold per turn.  Cost = 1000 gold
  • Castle Upgrades
    Defensive Upgrade = Wooden Pallisade with one opening with a breakable door.  Cost = 2000 gold
  • City Upgrades
    Defensive Upgrade = Stone Ringwall protecting the main entrance with a gatehouse opening.  Cost = 3500 gold
    Economic Upgrade = Trade Market resulting in an increased revenue by +400 gold per turn.  Cost = 3000

- Troop
  • Lordships will have the option to upgrade their troops equipment.  This upgrade is universal among both their armies, affecting all troops controlled by that Lordship "One Turn" after the purchase of the upgrade is made.
  • Tier 1
    Basic Equipment Level originally provided with the troops.
    Tier 2
    Cost 5000 Gold : Increase in armour and weapons.
    Tier 3
    Cost 12,000 Gold w/ Tier 2 Purchased: Increase in armour and weapons.



Theory and Operation
  • Turns will be dealt with in a realtime format with actions being queued as they are reported on the Turn Thread.
- Minimum Turn Requirements
  • Lordships must report a minimum for each turn to show their desired movements during that turn.
  • Minimum Turn Announcements:
    I. Economic calcutation w/ turn income and overall total gold.
    II. Declaration for each army, meaning if no movements are taken, a declaration of "Hold Position".
  • Failure to meet the minimum Turn Requirements by a lordship will result in contact being made by the adminstration, with subsequent occurances leading to warnings and/or dissolvement of the lordship.


Turn Timetable
  • Standard turns will be Tuesday through Monday and all engagements and moves will be placed within this time. 
  • Movements, Commands, and Declarations will be placed no later that Wednesday at 11:59pm eastern for a resolution to take place during that turn.
  • All items posted after that time will be dealt with the following turn.


Turn Event Order
- Ecomonic Calculation
  • Calculting your lordship's gold will be performed at the beginning of each round.  The formula is (Total Settlement Revenue + Upgrades) + Raiding + Looting = Total
- Commands
  • Purchase Settlement Upgrade (while providing settlement name and desired upgrade)
  • Purchase Troop Upgrade (while providing desired tier upgrade)
  • Split a specific army into two halves.
- Land Movement
  • Movements are commands provided to designate your intention of moving an army from on grid square to an adjacent square.
  • Armies are able to move two squares, assuming the squares are/become adjacent and follow a linear movement pattern. (Up, Down, Left, Right)
  • There is no minimum amount of movements an army must take during a turn.
- Sea Movement
  • Armies are allowed to move by sea, from any square adjacent to the main body of water to any other square adjacent to the main body of water.
  • Moving by sea will cause the armies movement to be delayed 1 turn cycle.
  • Inland rivers and tributaries are not concidered as the main body of water, and are therefore not accessable by sea movement.
  • An army that has successfully completed a sea movement must wait a period of 2 turn cycles before performing another sea movement.
- Declarations
  • Declarations state an armies intention when moving into,out of, or remaining in a grid square.
  • Available Aggressive Declarations:
    I. Engage - Used to state the intention of engaging an enemy army.
    II. Raid - Used to state the intention of raiding an enemy village.
    III. Besiege - Used to state the intention of besieging an enemy castle/city.
    Available Defensive Declarations:
    I. Disengage - Used by a Defender to state the option to avoid an engagement.
    II. Bypass - Used to state the intention of moving through a square containing an enemy settlement.
    III. Hold Position - Used to state the intention of remaining in the current square for that turn.
    IV. Garrison - Used to state the intention of stationing an army into a settlement.


Engagement Conditions
- Engagement Definition
  • An engagement is the term used for the process of resolving an aggressive declaration utilizing a multiplayer battle/siege.
- Attacking/Defending Designation
  • Attacking armies are those that issue an engage, raid, or besiege declaration toward an enemy army or settlement.
  • Defending armies are those that are in a square or choose to move into a square where an attacking army has entered and made a declaration.
  • Attackers and defenders will be represented during an engagement if the map so denotes it.

- Attacking Guidelines
  • An army may not move into a square occupied by an enemy army without making an Engage Declaration.
  • An army may move into a square containing an enemy Settlement without making a Declaration intending for an Engagement.
  • Besieged Settlements will require the passing of one turn cycle before the engagement may be played out ingame.
- Defending Guidelines
  • A defending army may choose to avoid an engagement by issuing a disengage declaration and a movement comand.
  • A defending army may only participate in the defense of a settlement if they were garrisoned in that settlement before it was besieged.
  • A lordship's army or a lordship's allied army may move to assist a village that is being raided if they are within the normal movement amount from the village.


- Game Mode
  • All engagements will be fought under a modified version of Team Deathmatch that provides static spawns as are utilized in Battle modes.
- Battle Size Calculation
  • Engagements with an equal amount of participating players may be fought at even numbers if desired.
  • The base amount of players that will be fielded will equal the smaller number of players brought to the battle by either side.
  • If a team has a higher amount of players available for an engagment, a reinforcement player may participate equalling one player  for every two additional players that are brought by that team.
  • Final Battle Size will equal:
    I. Team with lower number of players = Base
    II. Team with higher number of players = Base + Reinforcement(Total - Base / 2)
- Win Conditions
  • A team is deemed victories in an engagement when:
    I. All opposing troops have been killed. 
    II. The opposing team retreats from the engagement per the Retreat Option.
- Retreat Option
  • A team that is involved in an engagement has the option to retreat if both of the following conditions are met: 
    I. Their original starting force was greater than 100 troops. 
    II. 60% of their troops have been killed.

- Autoresolve
  • A defending lordship may utilize an autoresolve to an engagement if they so desire allowing the engagement not to be fought but resulting in an outcome.
  • A lordship that utilizes the autoresolve feature will take a calculated amount of casualites factoring in enemy army size, defending army size and tier equipment upgrades.
  • Assaulting lordships that are involved in an autoresolved result recieve no casualties to their army/armies.

- Scheduling, Conflicts, and Fault Designation
  • Scheduling will be performed via a soon to come "ROCK Engagement Scheduling" thread.
  • An assaulting lordship shall post in the appropriate thread with a minimum of two available days/times for an engagement to take place.
  • All counter proposals from the defending team as well as further scheduling discussion shall be posted in the appropriate thread quoting the previous post/posts within reasonable size.
  • If, due to unresolvable scheduling, an engagement is not fought in the allotted turn a designation of fault will be placed upon the lordship that was unavailable to meet reasonably offered engagement days/times.
  • If the defending lordship is found at fault the engagement will be autoresolved.
  • If the assaulting lordship is found at fault the engagement will be cancelled with casualty penalty of 10% of the assualting army size.
  • If multiple lordships are involved a reasonable time should be found to provide both sides with the most players possible and the match played within the allotted turn.


Conquering Settlements
  • A settlement that has besieged will be considered conquered when it's total garrison, army or standing, has been eliminated.
  • Villages are not available to be be conquered.

Settlement Garrison Replenishment
  • Once a settlement has been conquered that settlements garrison will be replaced under the new lordship after the completion of 2 turns.
  • Replacement garrisons will match the standard garrison allocation of 75 per castle and 150 per city.
  • Replacement garrisons must follow standard garrison placement and are not reallocatable. (See Garrison Troops ruleset)
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