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Lordship Raiding
  • Lordships have the option to perform a raid upon an enemy village if they have an army placed on the map square containing the village to be raided.
- Benefit
  • Raiding an enemy village provides the assualting lordship with that village's income on their next turn.
  • Raiding an enemy village negates the owning lordship's ability to acquire income from that village on their next turn.

- Engagement and Interrupt Information
  • Raiding will take place with the full force of the assaulting army.
  • Defending a raid will take place on the village's scene with the standard village garrison garrison as defenders.
  • The defending lordship or ally may move a lordship army onto the village's map square to perform an interrupt to the raid.
  • If a defending/ally army moves to interrupt a raid the engagement will take place on that village's scene with the assaulting army having the defending spawn.
  • All casualties dealt to a lordship army during a raid will be deducted from that army overall troops size. 

- Raid Limitation
  • After a raid is attempted, the assualting lordship must wait a minimum of two full turns before another raid may be attempted on that village.



  • All engagements will be played utilizing the ROCK module.
  • Please contact the ROCK Administration team if you plan to host ROCK engagements.

Server Settings
  • Gamemode : Team Deathmatch
  • Team #'s : Team 1 = Defender  |  Team 2 = Attacker
  • Team Damage : Enabled melee/ranged @ 100%
  • Block Direction : By Mouse Movement
  • Combat Speed : Fastest
  • Round Time : 120 Minutes (Maximum)
  • Team Point Limit : No lower than largest army engaged.
  • Respawn : 5 Seconds
  • Starting Gold : 150
  • Bonus Gold : 0
  • Polls : All off
  • Autobalance : Per Player Numbers Allowed

- Madmin Options

Enable Class Limit : Enable
  • Infantry : Unlimited
  • Archer : 30% Field Battle/50% Siege
  • Cavalry : 20% Field Battle/0% Siege

Autokick for teamkilling : Enable
  • Teamkill Limit : 3
  • Team Wound Damage : 300
  • Autokicks Till Ban : 5

Don't Kill Stray Horses : Enable
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