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Revert bow aiming time to match reloading time

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Change the bow aiming mechanic so that the player character reaches their full potential accuracy at the time a new arrow is nocked and ready to shoot.

Realism and fun. In traditional archery bows are not 'aimed' in the popular sense -- it's instead an instinctive full body motion. An archer does not improve his or her aim in the seconds after pulling an arrow back to full draw. Modern instructors teach archers to release arrows either at the moment of reaching full draw, or very soon afterwards. Without a mechanical aiming system like sights, accuracy is based on muscle coordination -- which quickly deteriorates if forced to hold back a heavy draw weight bow (100-150+ lbs or 45-68+ kg) for any period of time. I practice archery and from personal experience: your aim does not get better the longer you hold back an arrow. It's not at all like firing a rifle, it's more of a full body thing which is why the skill takes so much practice.

Secondly: it's just very satisfying to play as a fast archer when your character has a high bow skill, and for me personally was a highlight of the combat in this game.

Supporting material:
Here is a video on 'aiming' in archery by Armin Hirmer. Hirmer is an instructor at the Malta Archery club, reviews traditional 'horse' bows, and is in general very knowledgeable on the subject:

Here is a video by Murat Özveri, an expert on Turkish traditional archery, on the same topic:

Note: this does not consider mechanical/compound bows. Those bows sharply decrease in draw weight near full draw, and are designed to be aimed mechanically, similar to firearms.


Thank you
So, what do you propose in-game scenario, not real life?
For reference, this is what we have now
"With this update, each weapon will have its own unique aiming curve. For example, short bows will reach their maximum accuracy faster and be able to hold their aim for longer, while longbows will take more time to reach their maximum accuracy and have a shorter window for aiming, but will deal higher single-shot damage.

This change applies to all ranged weapons, including bows, crossbows and throwing weapons, giving each weapon a unique feeling in this subtle but impactful update to ranged gameplay."
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