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Good day everyone,

Old Brytenwalda player giving a try at VC, and already have a weird question: is the supply wagon from Brytenwalda gone? It was really useful to manage your inventory, party and prisioners all at once.

Edit: just learnt about the Follower's Camp. That should do the trick I guess...
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Do Mac's get married? I have seen lords get to engagement and then I read a character has tired of pursuing the one they were engaged to

Marriage for AI lords in vanilla VC is fairly rare, because although each AI lord randomly gets a few love interests, those can be in other factions, even of other religions, way across the map. So their courtships rarely work out, unless that particular AI lord got very lucky and rolled a lady nearby. This doesn't create any problems--AI lords don't need to marry and it doesn't really matter if they do or not, though in VC Balance Mod they court within their faction so marriages are more common.

Any plans for Viking Conquest for Bannerlord?

None announced.

Are there any graphical mods for VC? The game's great, but let's face it - the graphics needs improvements

I personally love the look of vanilla VC, but if you prefer a "darker" look, either of the below two mods might be what you are looking for:

Dark Age (https://www.moddb.com/mods/dark-age-for-viking-conquest): Visual overhaul and some interesting gameplay modifications. There is a lite version of the mod called "Graphics Modpack for VC" that was made for compatibility with VC Balance Mod.

Blood Eagle (https://www.moddb.com/mods/blood-eagle): Visual overhaul, and latest version includes VC Balance Mod.

There's also a very small graphics mod for shields:

Enhanced Shield Patterns (https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php?threads/enhanced-shield-patterns-released.357036/): Small mod, makes shields look a bit more worn and natural.
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Hi! I just started playing Viking Conquest, and I cannot work out what should I do with formations.

What happens:
I tell "everyone" to hold position. Instead of forming around the PC, skirmishers go ~10meters ahead, to the right, while spearmen stand in line with the character, but to the left.
After this, I I tell skirmishers/archers separately to move on the left flank, and a bit behind enemy (to hit the unshielded side of the enemy), they don't follow commands, but stay ahead+right flanks.

How do I turn this feature off? I turned off formations in the startup options, and also in the game, but I still cannot get back to regular warband.
Regular warband does require some micromanagement, but it is much better, because at least the troops do what they are told. (I usually do spearmen here/archer here/cavalry here, spearmen stay close, spearmen stay close, spearmen advance 10 steps, cavalry follow me)

Additional question after a half campaign (was about to sail to Galicia).
what happened:
- currently two fiefs, the city of Cyr Dyf (? wales, west saxon border) and the welsh castle I had to take for Alfred's quest
- I had to reload this quest, because I found it impossible to do without _great_ preparations.
- my solution was to build a refuge next to the target castle (while we were at peace), fill it with pictish crossbowmen and irish axeman (~100 total, dunno the refuge limit) as a reserve, storm the place with my own troops, use the refuge troops as additional garrison (than demolish the refuge). So I had 350-400 men in the castle, ~70 being pict crossbows, which are very good in that scene
- I needed it too, because often 3-4-5 welsh lords attacked me with ~200-250 troops each. (also, it seems they are cheating. I remember beating up a guy, releasing him for relations, then in ~10 days he had 200+ soldiers again. A tiny bit too much if you ask me)
- before I was about to sail to Galicia, a message popped up, that my castle is too well garrisonned, and the marshall took (=steal) troops from there, with no compensation given.

1: that plan was good. Seeing as saxon lords never showed up to help me, I don't know how I was supposed to defeat the welsh faction all by myself. You get this quest when you only have one (1) village.
2: getting the castle is not hard, but keeping it for 20 days is very, very harsh. You will get attacked by the whole welsh faction, and get no help from saxon lords.
3: that army literally took hours of grind to get. Get 80-90 pict peasants and train up to crossbowmen. 50-60 irish peasants to get axeman. 80-120 norse landowners and level them up to companions. Saxon/angle town recruits to get some shield infantry/spearmen. Really, I invested 6-8-10-12 hours real time to carry out this plan.
4: I nearly went bankrupt in the process (you need to do this quest to advance the story)
5: when I actually suceeded, I felt really proud of myself.
6: and then, after providing no help at all, the AI marshall steals my troops, with no compensation at all. He literally took more then 100000-200000 worth of troops (don't know the exact amount, ~200 tier2-tier3 troops.)

Is there a way to turn this feature off? Viking conquest is very grindy as is, I don't want to start from the buttom again.
To be honest when I saw this, I ragequit and uninstalled VC. But, I still have my save, and I might be able to convince myself for another go, if I can turn this off.

Not a questions, but:
- the spear animations rule. Seriously, this is the first ever mod I actually enjoy using a spear, and it is also quite effective. (I used a basic "balanced short spear" for most of the game, until I got a champion godelic sword as tournament reward). Really good job on this.
- athmosphere is very well done
- ship combat is also brilliant (the only mod where I actually enjoy it). Especially after my flagship was finished.
- also, I like capturing, buying and building ships.
- I also really like the map
- the recruitment/training is hard getting used to (= 15000 XP to train a peasant to levy?), but in the end I think I like it. I mostly use peasants as fodder until I organize the battle line.

- the formations is very hard to use (see above). For some reason the infantry+spearmen line up next to each other, instead of infantry behind spears. I didn't find out how I can re-organize the starting formation. This option could use a tutorial. What I ended up doing was to manually relable every single spear to into infantry, to have them in one group at least. But it is very micromanagement-heavy.
- the special locations are too harsh. The strange ruins is 15 guys or so with two companions? For a mail? (or was it a helmet?) :grin:
- I found the duels (the berserker, the bridge troll) impossible to do without using exploits. (= go in naked with 4 stacks of 2 throwing spears)
- I miss an autosave function before special scenes (for example it is not possible to save after getting into Snothingham. You have to get in AND get out in one go)
- the actual story is very, very difficult and grindy. Also, there is no advance warnings about the difficulty spikes, which (with permadeath) is a bit frustrating. Eg. saving Doccinga with 15 or so peasants you are asked to levy, while being level 2-3 is impossible I think.
- sometimes, the "follow the marshall" quest is nearly impossible, as they jump into a ship automatically, and you don't have yours nearby. (think about factions which have holding in two of Britain/man and the islands/ireland)
- What I actually learned from VC is the following: if you are asked to go in with 30 troops only, those 30 should be veterans minimum. Since you can only take companions into some missions, it is priority one to get them mail, helmets and an axe with only slash animations.

I think this is a very good quality DLC, which might work better in sandbox mode. The story is mostly for expert players (beginner difficulty with not help. The biggest problem is that NPC's don't give you an estimation what you will need for the next quest. This is especially true for the "attract enemy attention" quests after Nottingham)
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Hi, I don't understand something, maybe someone encountered this...

short version: the king of my faction doesn't hold any fiefs, and doesn't keep any for himself. Will this cause problems in the future?

long story: as an irish PC, I managed to complete the storyline campaign (even the "conquer the welsh city alone" quest!). After the big showdown, I took a look at the map, and saw Ireland ruined by Northumbria. Since the PC was irish, I was thinking I should go to Ireland and do something about it. I also felt that Northumbria is overextended, and they are easy pray. Plus I had an army of ~250 veterans, and my income went down after Northumbria captured three of my enterprises (London, the dark blue britons in Cornwall, the yellow irish capitol)
So I renounced my vassal status to Wessex. Funny: the king said he will keep all my fiefs. The looted castle in the middle of Wales? Sure, go ahead)
I put all my veterans on my fleet, and stormed the former Ulaidh (?not sure, the yellow northern irish) capitol, than found the king. During my playthrough he was the nicest irish lord I met, so I thought I will become his vassal, and give him back his former city.
He did accept me as a vassal, but he didn't take his former capitol from me. A few weeks later the king still has no fiefs, even though I conquered 2 blue-irish (Mide I think) castles, the city of Temair and the city of Dublin. The latter he gave to me, even though before this, I told him I support _him_ as the ruler of Dublin.
Now, I have a king without holdings, who usually hangs out in one of my throne rooms, he really seems like a puppet on strings. Will he eventually keep something for himself? Will this cause problems in the future?
I swear I picked the option to allow followers, but they don't appear anymore. Is their any shenanigans I can do in the code to get them back or are they gone for good?
Anyone else facing mission bugs about "Kill those Viking bandits"? Every time I take that mission it fails after 1 sec; other times I just can't find those Vikings, even if they are supposed to be "near the city".
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