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Questions about some of the factions in the factions module.

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Some of you may be aware that I'm attempting to create a mod that adds several factions and cultural blocs which allows more strategically and historically inspired troop trees, trade items and eventually missions. I've finally got my files set to allow me to mod Expanded Floris as a base for my mod. I'm reading about and creating new kingdoms. These, in my ideal version of the mod, are considered "political blocs" which are essentially the main militaries/rulers that all the other "blocs" eventually end up tied to. There are three main blocs (North Eastern Bloc, South Western Bloc and the Eastern Bloc) Each are separated into kingdoms who represent different real world kingdoms at different time periods in our world. In addition to these visual (and tactical) aesthetics each of the kingdoms have different factions with in them. For example the Rhodok Republic has the "Rhodok Trading Company" in it, which, allows The Rhodok Repeblic access to a specialized troop tree and eventually exclusive trade related scripts. The North Eastern bloc has an equivalent in the "Free Nord Traders" and the Eastern bloc has the "Eastern Merchants Guild". Anyway. After going through the faction files I noticed that there is multiple factions for the same kind of thing. For example there's the black_khergits, the Khergit Kahnate and a faction just called "khergits". What's the difference between them script wise and how do each of them affect the game? I guess to shorten this post and get to the points I'm just going to list the factions I'm confused about and maybe the generous community of modders here would help a newbie out?

commoners, innocents, neutral and peasant rebels-
-I know "commoners" is hardcoded into the game but if I were to put a troop into commoners what does that do?
-How do commoners differ from innocents?
-Innocents vs. neutral?
-Are innocents and peasant rebels opposites?

outlaws, forest bandits and mountian bandits
-How do outlaws differ from forest and mountian bandit factions?
-How to the forest and mountian bandit factions differ
-For this mod I kind of envisioned that I was going to have three different criminal factions and various criminal sub-factions. based on what these factions (outlaws, forest and mountian bandits) already do how would I go about doing that? Make three "outlaw" faction then however many forest or mountian bandit factions?

dark knights, robber knights, black khergits and khergits?
-Are one of these factions equivalents to desert bandits (Dark knights or Robber knights?), steppe bandits (Black Khergits or Khergits?), Tagia bandits maybe?

merchants, swadian caravans, vaegir caravans
-Does "merchants" include every other non-swadian/vaegir kingdoms' caravans?
-Is "merchants" for merchants in towns and "swadian" and "vaegir caravans" apply to the caravans on the map?


manhunters and slavers
-Is one for the slaver troop tree and the other one is for the manhunters that roam the map?

Thank you for your time in reading this.  :grin:


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You have additional factions noted there which aren't kingdoms but other participants at the happenings in Calradia. Outlaws, forest bandits and mountain bandits basically differ just by the region in which they are active. You can look up the respective scripts which have been created for them by looking either for the faction-id or the troop-id of units of that faction. The key difference is, afaik, the region in which they are placed.

Iirc dark knights, robber knights, black khergits and khergits are leftovers from earlier versions from M&B, they have been used by older scripts. There is one mod trying to reintroduce them, not sure about the progress there: https://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,385901.0.html

The manhunters (and slavers?) are neutral to every kingdom faction but hunt down everyone else within their ability.
Not sure about commoners, innocents, neutral and peasant rebels. Same for merchants, swadian caravans, vaegir caravans.

In general, you can always look up how the preset faction relations between the single factions are. Some are not really present anymore and are code leftovers from earlier versions.
Thank you for the reply. Sorry it took so long I didn't notice that I got a reply. I ended up giving up on making a mod. I'm not a programmer by nature and to do what I wanted to do I would have had to dig into hard code. I am however going to give out my troop tree outlines for the mod I was going to make to someone with more technical know how. They're based on historical army compositions and units (such as Alexander the Great and the Compagnies d'Ordonnance of France.) as well as to supplement an existing game feature for roleplay. Such as cheap, light infantry, units based on merchants and tradesmen (Like "Woodcutters" and "Miners") for stingy caravan masters and a Manhunter tree based on a medieval lynch mob and the Spanish Inquisition. If you know any one looking for troop tree outlines go ahead an message me on here.
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