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Why when the game crashes does it always say "UNKNOWN module"?

Surely Taleworlds could manage a way to identify mods, and thereby inform players which mod is responsible for the given crash...

Is this due to:
  • Spaghetti code and a lack of oversight?
  • Is it due to pure disdain for modders (and players) in general?
  • Or is it due to incompetence and an inability to identify external mods in the mess of code that has been created?
Surely if TW could manage to implement this simple feature, it would improve playability for everyone (as they could just disable the mod responsible and move on).

Given the inherent variability in modding prowess, this seems like a no-brainer - people could identify when TW are at fault, or when a modder is blaming TW for something they screwed up and refuse to account for.

Until this is fixed, this game will remain an irretrievable mess.
I'll bring up the suggestion but don't appreciate the overall tone of the post (especially the comments aimed at developers).
  • Is it due to pure disdain for modders (and players) in general?
This couldn't be further from the truth - we work together with modders and players alike to bring in improvements based on your feedback.

Happy to talk if you plan to engage constructively in the future.
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