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Prussia - The Growing Emprie

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Welcome welcome,

Our theme Prussia - Growing Empire will be set to the mid to end of the 19 th century.

We own a Banner now and like to thank Ginufe for creating us one.


We own different class types in our clan, for the combats if there are enough members on. During times of lacking members, anyone can play without restrictions to the classes.

Classes: General      - Commander of all soldiers in a battle orders will have to be obeyed
              Officer        - In charge of his battilion to help the command structure
              Adjutant      - The personal guard and assistent of generals and officers
              Engineer      - Entrenches the basement and deals with all kind of repairs to the fortress
              Cannoneer  - Only well trained soldiers are to be cannoneers their efforts are crucial for sieges
              Soldier        - Light equiped with muskets and sabres, ready to charge when ever the commands are given

Even though our theme is set in times of monarchs and other selfish people, we would prefer if all members are equal in there saying to make the clan interesting and tolerant to opinions Of every member.

Links to the Regiment Threads
First Regiment - The one you are just viewing#
Second Regiment -  http://forums.taleworlds.com/index.php/topic,313675.0.html

Members:  First Regiment
              Emperor_Wilhelm              - General
                Chancelloer_Bismarck          - Adjutant
                Malmfinn_The_Nord              - Officer
                3STRAT3GA                            - Officer
                Hazzard                                - Soldier 
                Safterbury                            - Soldier 
                SnRolls                                  - Soldier
                matiss_veinbergs                  - Soldier 
                Leondrex                              - Soldier
                Ginufe                                  - Soldier
                Renegade                              - Soldier
                Second Regiment

                Landesknecht_Richard            - General
                Landesknecht_Hans                - Officer
                Landesknecht_Keil                  - Officer
                Landesknecht_Jac                  - Soldier
                Landesknecht_Mitchell            - Soldier           
                Landesknecht_Petr                - Soldier

                  Third Regiment
                This could be your regiment so just apply!                                  - General
                Support Regiment
                This could be your regiment so just apply!    - General 


Matiss_Veinbergs said:
You have forgotten to add matiss_veinbergs as dragoon/jeager.

Did not know if you want to be added in the list already, I will did it straight away!


There are two kind of banners i have in mind.
One should be like a Prussian war flag with a white / black cross in the middle, the other one should be the normal Prussian one with a black eagle and a crown with same black/white background.
I guess you know the banner size for the M&B banners.

Quoted from Sebestian

The banner has to be a 256x256 pixel PNG file.
No semi transparent parts allowed, only full transparency or no transparency.
The border pixels are supposed to be transparent, to avoid hard edges on heraldic items,
so basicly 254x254 pixels can be used for the banner.
Make sure that everything outside your banner logo is transparent.




Haven't drawn it, just took a picture and made the background transparent. I can still make it some more banner-like or if you feel like it's necessary, I can just draw it.


That looks alright. We need a black and white background which suits the eagle, with white in the mid and black at top and buttom.

But mind the image size is not allowed to be bigger than 256x256


Oh god both of them are superb  :???:

Do not know which one to pick, you just choose you are the artist!


Punkbuster 2.0
The banner meets the banner conditions, but try to center the image.
Once you've fixed the offset go ahead and write down an application.


_Sebastian_ said:
The banner meets the banner conditions, but try to center the image.
Once you've fixed the offset go ahead and write down an application.

Prussia - The Growing Empire's banner.
I hope you're satisfied with the placement now, I did just move it a bit more to the middle cca 1-2 pixels, and it seems to be good now.
So yeah, now it depends on the leader to make an application. ^^


Master Knight
I like the banner, but I don't like the white background of it. It looks slightly off-white to me, but I don't know why.
I want to say im not innactive, i just found a new passion in victoria II my luxemburgian communist monarchy campaign. Probably gonna start playing this when i loose the german empire.
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