Need More Info Problem with Execution

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No, I didn't use any mods.
  • When in the Tavern / Ransom portion of the game, I selected a noble in my prisoners list
  • I decided to execute them instead of selling them for ransom (it was the enemy emperor and I couldn't resist seeing what would happen).
  • Clicking the Skull icon brought me to the execution screen.
  • In the execution screen I clicked the Execute button after some hesitation, and the animation played.
  • After the animation was complete, I was back in the ransom screen.
  • Checking my prisoner roster, the enemy emperor was still there.
  • I repeated the above x4
  • At no point could I kill the emperor.
  • I backed out, and then went into my party screen.
  • Clicking the execute button successfully removed the emperor from my party and caused me to become a villan.
Just thought I should leave this up for you.
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