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When you finally engage an enemy or target unit / party on the campaign map after chasing them down the talk options are shown, once you select to engage in battle there is a small window of time where nearby enemy units 'slide' into range of your party and then get added to the order of battle at the top of the screen window.

Now this does not happen with friendly or allied units that assists you - they remain static and you fight alone. I have trialled this on a couple of occasions.

I feel this is a bit of an error - i mean i am playing as a smallish warband and i want to attack units in sequence and so move around to get the timing right to charge in and strike - all for that to be a waste of my time when 2 other units just slide into help them out. The reason i feel this is an error is because if you click the fight dialogue choice then rapidly mouse over to the top left and click attack you can beat the AI sliding into range and they will not be in the battle.......?

Is it intentional like TW for reinforcement ranges? if so can we get a circle to help out and then it will be more informative on the decision to attack or not.
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