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Hello, thank you for the game :smile:

Parties formed by the player need to be controlled more accurately ( I think there is a part of the job done with the new "party stances" device)..

When you create a party, giving troops you took time to form, you are sure they will finish prisoner. The party leaves you, and never comes back till it is not destroyed.

There was a good mod, but it is not the players' job to develop the game, sorry :smile:

Parties need to be manageable like something looking like that :
- what troops can be recruited or not (including culture)
- wages (fixed with the party stances)
- patrolling around villages for example (some areas are particularly plagued with bandits)
- conditions for engaging an ennemy
- joining or not another army
- troops donnation : the other day my IDIOT knight hero gave 90 out of the almost 200 vlandian knights he had in a castle that we had besieged !!!!!!! he gave almost 50% of these high end troops !
- maybe having access to inventory (I think to unit upgrades requiring horses, can the AI buy horses?)

At the moment, the solution I've found is to create my own army with my heroes and often checking their troops.
Because without that, creating parties with our heroes is just waste.

Or as other suggestion, would it be possible to authorize our heroes or family members to create armies, just like the AI heroes do?

Well at least, a more accurate managment of parties id required.

Thanks for reading, good vibes to you for the game development :wink:

Edit : gramary fixes :wink:
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